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This page seems to get very large. Maybe it should be splittet in more pages. Im not very experienced with wiki editing, so maybe some 'admin' can do this ??? --HeliJunkie 21:31, 24 November 2008 (CET)

I agree, it is pretty big. But I can't really think of a logical way to split it up...
How about we make the (bigger) examples separate pages? --Kronzky 17:17, 25 November 2008 (CET)
Maybe there can be a own page for each control, and only the links to the pages on this overview page?
All pages should have the same suffix like "-control" or something like that. (HTML-control, StaticText-control....)
--HeliJunkie 13:47, 1 December 2008 (CET)
What about a Category: Dialog Control similar to the scripting commands where each command has its own page? --T_D 15:44, 1 December 2008 (CET)

Sure, that would technically be the easiest way, but I'm not so crazy about that since, unlike commands, which are totally different from each other, controls share a lot of properties among each other, and a lot of definitions and explanations on the dialog page apply to several control types. This page is also somewhat of a mix between reference and tutorial (sort of like the Control Structures page), so you want to keep stuff together that's related, to make understanding the whole concept a bit easier.
I would much rather break it up hierarchically (i.e. have more general information on the main page, and deeper, more detailed information on a sub-page. That's why I suggested to split off the examples.)
IDEALLY though, if I had the time (or could find a volunteer) we should probably have only one big table listing the properties, rather than 10 different ones with 50% overlap. It just doesn't make sense listing 'IDC' or 'colorBackground' or 'x' & 'y' for each and every control, where they have the same function in every one of them.
Something like this:

Properties Applies to
Name Type Remark ST BU AT ST TB etc...
idc integer Unique ID number of this dialog.
Can be -1 if direct access to the dialog is not required.
- X - - X .
colorBackground color array color of background. X - - - - .
text string default text X X X X - .

--Kronzky 21:49, 1 December 2008 (CET)

movingEnable, moving, enableSimulation

The description of the movingEnable property is wrong:
movingEnable and moving are used to create dialogs that can be dragged just like windows. movingEnable is a property of dialogs whereas moving is a property of controls. Assuming both properties are present and non-zero, a dialog can be dragged by clicking the control with the moving property. It does not seem to matter whether this control is hidden by another control or not.
enableSimulation is used to specify whether the game continues while the dialog is open or not (in SP, haven't tested MP yet). --Worldeater 03:58, 10 June 2009 (CEST)