ArmA: Armed Assault: Cheats

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Cheat Codes

All of the following cheats require you to hold [Left Shift] down and then press the [Numpad - (minus)] button. Then let go and type the appropriate cheat code (capitalization doesn't matter).

Ends the mission
Unlocks all campaign missions (This must be entered in the appropriate campaign screen you want unlocked. Unlocking one campaign will result in other campaigns that are unlocked to be re-locked.)
Unlocks all simple player missions (This must be entered in the appropriate single missions screen )
Saves the game in your current mission. Can be useful as a quicksave function.
Generates a map in vector format. The file is always created at the root directory of the C: drive.
Invulnerability on (not longer working in version 1.02 and above)

Unlocking Missions

To unlock stand-alone mission, locate your ArmA profile first (it will be named (username).ArmAProfile, and will be either in My Documents\ArmA or in My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles. Open it in a text editor and change the section



{ "M00", "M01", "M02", "M03", "M04", "M05", "M06", "M07", "M08", "M09", "M10", 
"TT01", "TT02", "TT03", "TT04", "TT05", "TT06" };

In a more simple way just go to the mission screen press Left Shift down and then press the Numpad - (minus) button and type MISSIONS then revert the last mission.