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Bohemia Interactive has announced an exciting new expansion pack dubbed ArmA:Queen's Gambit. The new expansion will feature two campaigns: Rahmadi conflict and Royal Flush, taking place 18 months after the first conflict. Queen's Gambit will include a new small sandy tropical island, which name is Porto and will also feature also two multi player missions and the 1.08 patch, and additional new units and weapons.


  • The Rahmadi Conflict: Three large, beautifully designed missions involving massive battles between the SLA, US and RACS forces within massive fortifications
  • Royal Flush: A group of seasoned mercenaries in seven action/ stealth missions hungry for one dirty goal. Just what is really waiting at the end of the road? New features of this campaign include equipment management including an arms merchant
  • New Islands: United Sahrani, Porto
  • New weapons, equipment and factions