Arma 2 Sample Models

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The pack of sample models and animations from Arma 2 and its expansions; contains unbinarized models, configs, model configs, RVMATs and scripts from Arma 2 including all DLCs in ZIP archives divided according to the licenses applied.
Note that files indicated as "parts" are separate archives which can be unpacked independently of the other parts of the package, the data was split only for the purpose of easier manipulation with the files.

Package content

We recommend to download the data using the torrent. Due to high demand the direct download links may be overloaded.
  • ca\anims\ - part 1/2
  • ca\anims\ - part 2/2
  • Air
  • Creatures - characters and animals
  • RootCfg - root configs
  • Tracked
  • Water
  • Weapons
  • Wheeled
  • Map_Objects - misc, plants, roads, rocks, signs
  • Maps - configs, scripts, scenes and source RVMATs only
    • Afghan
    • Bohemia
    • Bootcamp_ACR
    • Desert_E
    • Chernarus
    • ProvingGrounds_PMC
    • Shapur_BAF
    • Takistan
    • TakistanLite
    • Zargabad
  • Structures