Arma 3: Sound: Global Sound Parameters

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Global Sound Parameters

Definition of default sound properties, which are applied on every sound if not overridden by custom definition within SoundSet.

Configured in the base class CfgSoundGlobals.

Parameter Unit/values Default Description
defaultDistanceFilter class name
  • global Distance filter, used on every sound unless specified differently in the soundSet (meaning vehicles which do not yet have soundSet configuration always are filtered by the defaultDistanceFilter)
defaultSound3DProcessingType class name
defaultVolumeCurve class name
defaultWeaponVolumeCurve class name
defaultLFEVolumeCurve class name
OldConfigurationVolumeFactor float (0..n) or [dBFS] db0
  • volume attenuation of sounds which are configured using the old way (not SoundSets)
defaultSpatialityRange [m] 0
  • innerRadius value - distance, where signal starts bleeding into "opposite" channels
defaultSpatialityRangeAngle [radians] (0..pi/4) 0.785 (pi/4)
class CfgSoundGlobals
	defaultDistanceFilter = "defaultDistanceFreqAttenuationFilter";
	defaultVolumeCurve = "defaultAmpAttenuationCurve";
	defaultWeaponVolumeCurve = "defaultWeaponAmpAttenuationCurve";
	defaultLFEVolumeCurve = "defaultLFECurve";
	defaultSound3DProcessingType = "default3DProcessingType";
	defaultSpatialityRange = 0.005;
	defaultSpatialityRangeAngle = 0.785; // p/4
	OldConfigurationVolumeFactor = db-4;