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[[Arma 3 Cars Config Guidelines]], [[Arma 3 Tanks Config Guidelines]], [[Arma 3 Weapon Config Guidelines]]
[[Arma 3 Cars Config Guidelines]], [[Arma 3 Tanks Config Guidelines]], [[Arma 3 Weapon Config Guidelines]]
[[Category:Tools]][[Category:Arma 3 Official Tools]]
[[Category:Arma 3: Official Tools]]

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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3
Part of Arma 3 Samples package on Steam


Formerly part of Arma 3 Tools, this application contains all necessary samples to get started with Arma 3 content creation. The collection covers a broad spectrum of topics, from scenario design to mod making. Along with every sample comes commented code and relevant documentation to allow you to understand how they work.

Note: These samples are meant to be used with Arma 3 Tools.
The samples are separated into several categories:
  • Addons
    Samples of Addons that can be packed by Addon Builder and tested in-game.
  • Art
    Contains art assets as textures or icons to provide an example and basis for your own work.
  • Content Licensing
    Everything about Content Licensing (i.e. mod presentation).
  • Programming
    How to build extensions for Arma 3 or use SDKs for the tools.
  • Scenario Design
    Everything about scenario design, game modes and the usage of systems.
  • Tools
    Usage of the tools included in Arma 3 Tools, for example, batch processing.



Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement, Licenses.Some samples have a specific license, such license is provided in the folder of the given sample.
See also:
Arma 3 Cars Config Guidelines, Arma 3 Tanks Config Guidelines, Arma 3 Weapon Config Guidelines