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Armavision is a camera mode that allows the player to move the camera in a 1m radius around their character and take screenshots with filters, effects and other helpers.


Keyboard/Mouse Controller Description
WASD Move the camera horizontally
QZ Move the camera vertically
Right Mouse Button + Mouse Rotate the camera
V Hold Edit Armavision properties
Hold Y + Exit the interface



Shortcut: M / Hold

Toggle the in-game map.


Shortcut: L / +

Toggle flashlight for improved visibility in the dark. Note that other players cannot see this light.

Toggle Interface

Shortcut: I / +

Edit Armavision Properties

Shortcut: V / Hold

Open the global attributes window to change Armavision overlays, effects and editor settings.

Armavision Properties


Applies an effect/framing/format over the screen.

Possible values: None, Viewfinder, Polaroid, Cinema (2.35:1), Cinema (4:3), Poster

Offers a choice between logos to apply over the picture.

Possible values: None, Bohemia Interactive, Enfusion, Arma Reforger, Arma Reforger - black, Default

Logo position

Sets the Logo position over the image. The position will also adapt depending on the Frame.

Possible values: Bottom right, Bottom center, Bottom left, Center, Top right, Top center, Top left

Player character effects

Sets a player character effect - only on player (i.e non-AI) units.

Possible values: None, Name tags, Redacted faces - black bars, Redacted faces - blur


Sets a vignette (darkened borders) effect.

Possible values: None, Light, Strong


Applies an image composition overlay - Thirds (3×3) and Grid (10×10).

Possible values: None, Thirds, Grid


Sets a colour and post-process filter over the image (not applied to Frame).

  • World War I: monochrome sepia
  • World War II: monochrome
  • Cold War: desaturated + chromatic aberration

Possible values: None, World War I, World War II, Cold War