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<h3 style='display:none'>Bottom Section</h3>
<h3 style='display:none'>Bottom Section</h3>
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[[Category:ArmA 2: Functions|BIS_FNC_PATROL}}]]

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Introduced with Arma 2 version 1.001.00
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Create a random patrol of several waypoints around a given position.


[group,position,distance,area blacklist] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol
group - the group to which to assign the waypoints (Group)
position - the position on which to base the patrol (Array)
distance - the maximum distance between waypoints (Number)
area blacklist - (optional) blacklist of areas (Array)
Return Value:
Success Flag (Boolean)


Example 1:
[group this, getPos this, 1000] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol

Additional Information

See also:
Functions Library


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The easiest way to use this function is to create a group, then add the following code to the group leader's init field:

[group this, getPos this, number] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol;

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