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Account Creation

In order to prevent vandalism and bot spam, self-creation of accounts has been disabled.
You need to ask for an account creation, Wiki account that will be linked to your Bohemia Interactive account.

Do you need an account?

For Ylands, see Ylands WIKI FAQ!

Before asking for an account, ask yourself:

Do you want to edit only a couple of pages where you noticed an error?
If so, it is better to ask someone to edit said page(s) on the Arma Discord in the #community_wiki channel.

Else, head towards Dwarden (or any available official Community Manager) and ask for a Wiki account on BI Forums or the Arma Discord!

Rules & Recommendations

You can find some excellent starting points for learning to edit the BI Wiki below, and on the help page

MediaWiki Tutorials & Guides

BiKi TODO list

See Maintenance and To-do.