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The briefing is an essential part of any mission. It usually displays a synopsis of what to do to complete the mission.

Briefing.html is a simple HTML file located in the mission folder. You have to create this file manually, and the file will be loaded automatically when the mission begins.

BIStudio has provided an overview of the different aspects of the briefing file located here.

The briefing is broken into 4 main sections:

To preview your briefing whilst in the editor, hold SHIFT while clicking 'preview'.

Advanced Briefings

The original BIS style briefings employ a small amount of information on the mission to be played, giving the player only the most basic of intelligence needed to complete his task. The BIS notes section usually takes the form of a diary entry and whilst these methods are certainly an accepted in the community, there is another way to write your briefings.

The advanced briefing takes writing and presenting a briefing to a whole new level. Using links and pictures you can create a much more detailed and aesthetically pleasing effect which will allow you to share with the player, as much information as you wish. Multiple pages will allow you to present different portions of your briefing in an orderly fashion. For example, you may wish to break your briefing down into phases such as:

  • Sitrep (Situation Report)
  • Orders
  • Insertion
  • Target
  • Exfiltration
  • Friendly Forces
  • Enemy Forces

With various links this is easily achievable.

Additionally you can define some sounds for the briefing in the CfgSounds section of the description.ext file, and activate them at the top of the description file using: