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Q: How do I control time acceleration
A: It is not possible to manually enter the Time Warp. [1] The Timewarp is entered when . It is possible to leave it manually or it is left automatically when enemy carriers comes close.

Q: I have lasers and rockets on my manta. How do I switch weapons?
A: The default control for switching weapons is the mouse wheel

Q: I got hit hard in a FPS mission. My shield got depleated and I am low on health. How do I heal?
A: Healing your character is not possible. Avoid being shot at for a long time. The armor your character is wearing is so .

Q: How do I transfer from one walrus to another in the Thermopilae mission?
A: You move close to the other walrus and press the Use key [2] (default F). It is mentioned in a hint; many people miss it though.

Q: I have too little resources and production is really slow. How do I change island types to remedy that.
A: On the island info screen, click the tab button on the right and select an appropriate button to initiate conversion of the island into desired type [3]. Keep in mind these conversions take a long time.

Q: How do I quickly select my units.
A: You can take advantage from the quick selection key. [4]. By default it is the key to the left from the key 1, above Tab key.

Tips and tricks

Q: When I start the game, I have to keep pressing the Esc key to skip startup splash animations. I feel silly. What can I do?
A: After you feel you need not to be reminded who made the game and what the Lt. Myrick thought about the Taurus mission, refer to the [|Startup parameters] and add the -nosplash parameter.

Q: How do I access the hidden Droid mission in the campaign?

A: Completing the mission has no consequences whatsoever for the rest of the campaign, so you need not to replay it from the beginning.

Technical issues

Q: I cannot apply a patch. The patching utility says

File carrier.exe is missing.
Some error occurred during patch installation.
Patch file is probably dammaged. You may need to download it again.
Error in file 1.02, phase 10.

What should I do?
A: There may be your antivirus software blocking the process. Try to disable your antivirus program for the duration of the instalation. [5]

Steam 1.1 is nonsteam 1.2; steam version is patched through steam [6]

FIXME: does still apply? Q: I want to change language to German, but that option is missing. [7]
A: Edit the text file that stores the configuration as described here

Q: I think I found a bug. How do I report it to the developers?
A: You can report bugs at http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback . You need to create an account there first. [8]

I have a technical issue that is not covered here.
A: Please ask on the BI forums in Troubleshooting section