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Conspiracies is a modification for Operation Flashpoint and later Arma 2. The story is based a little bit on "STALKER". The design of the gamelevels is very detailed and sometimes they have a real existing terrain. The gamedesign is very different to the original Operation Flashpoint idea. The mainpart of the Conspiracies-design are a few roleplayelements and a intensive story. The "sector-idea" is a complete new development of Battletek.


The following versions are available at the moment (26.July.2006)

Conspiracies Part I

Conspiracies Part I is the playable intro of Conspiracies. The intensive story have some real surprises and much information about Conspiracies Part II. The Intro-sequenz tells you the pre-story. You are searching for your family. After the accident in chernobyl, you never saw your family again. Time to change this. In part I you fight you through 14 sectors. You can take your weapons from the previous sector to the next with RES-Script.I would say it is time to check it out for yourself! You can find the Download-link and the english-patch in out Download-section.


  • 14 detailed sectors
  • intensive story
  • interesting musicchoice
  • a lot of weapons
  • german voices

Conspiracies Part II

Part 2 contains more action and the story of part I will be continued. Some complete new features are included! Another level contains some interactions with the physicsengine. A very good musicchoise brings a very intensive atmosphere to you! An atmosphere you can only find in the Conspiracies-parts. Ok better you download Part 2 if you had played Part 1!


  • 16 sectors
  • a complete new gameworld
  • intensive atmosphere
  • many interactions

Conspiracies: The Experience

The Experience is no official part of the previous parts. This part got a own story, a very complex story. This time it' s possible to decide where you want to go. You have no shown way. All is very free of action. It is possible to walk to the sctors you want. (sectorsystem 2.0) It is possible to take your weapons and vehicles from sector to sector. We call this part the ultimative experience of the Conspiracies-univserse. Maybe it is possible to have more possibilities than STALKER shadow of Chernobyl.


  • complete new story
  • complex story
  • very atmospheric
  • new weapons
  • a lot of new stuff

Conspiracies: Jungle Fever

no entry

Conspiracies Part III

Released for Arma 2, can be found at

Battletek Team

Members of Battletek (Creators of Conspiracies)
Sled88 Leader
8Ball Coleader
Mav Betatester
Nemesis Betatester
T-X Scripter
Alex-X-x Betatester/Alphatester
Al Simmons Addonbuilder
Bulletstorm Addonbuilder