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(De)Warp Version 1.xx by Mikero
read genreamde.txt

see fixes

De Warp is a simple application that analyses the content of any warp file (binarised or otherwise) from the very first cwc demo thru to Vbs2lite and does a few consistency checks.

The wrp itself can be exposed in a folder 'somewhere', or, it can be within a pbo. Dewrp will find it.


Warp [-options] Anyfile[.wrp/.pbo]

The default is no options and an assumed .wrp or .pbo extension. In this circumstance, dewrp will simply analyze *the* wrp or a wrp in a pbo and display any errors or inconsistencies it discovers (if any).

If no specific extension is supplied, DeWrp will first look for a wrp of that name, otherwise it assumes content of a pbo of that name

the *actual* name of wrp in a pbo does not have to be same as pbo name.

Options (case inSeNsiTIVe) (default none)

standard behaviour (no options)
intention of code is to do multipasses thru a range of wrps to check the dll can analyze it and that the wrp itself (be it binarised or exported from pew) has integrity

-P don't pause

-I Islands

will list all ID's used on island, including their AaNN map coordinate and literal pos[X,Y] along with *the* model for that ID

especially useful when converting missions that use OFP's SQx object ID command, you can rapidly locate it on the map

output is produced on screen

general usage would be

dewrp -I someWrpPbo >SomeText.txt

-L list land classes -------

DeWrp will list all land_xxx classes encountered in the wrp.

(note all output is forced to lower case because of sqX case sensitivity)

DeWrp -L NameOfWrp/Pbo

will provide a SQF compatible array of all land_xxx classes with their (series of) locations on the map in xyz format
["land_barn_w_01", [ [3269,4325,27],[4285,3170,32] ] ],

the land_xxx string can be used to directly access the config>>cfgVehicles->Land_xx class

-O list objects -------

DeWrp will list all p3d's encountered with their objectID and position on the map


[3958,[3536,4270]],//id, x,y

-D list objects -------

same as -O but ID's are removed. useful for cba hash function

[3536,4270], // x,y