Mission Save File – Operation Flashpoint: Elite

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The Directory Tree

The directory tree looks something like this.

UDATA                    Default directory for all games.
  434d005a               The game title folder.  
      BD22517280DF       A generated number representing the user save.
         ...             More user saves
      A160043E221B       A generated number representing another user save


OFP:Elite will automatically generate a number representing the mission save, you have no control over this, it just happens.

OFP:Elite will accept folder names, such as MyMissionName. Its possible to rename the mission folder name to somthing sensible, which can help in archiving and sharing missions.

Contents of user created save

Within subfolder 434d500a, there should be the following files:

TitleImage.xbx           //Image File
TitleMeta.xbx            //TitleName=Operation Flashpoint: Elite
SaveImage.xbx            //Image File
A subfolder named with an obscure name like "BD22517280DF"

Within subfolder of the mission save, the following files should exist:



The savemeta.xbx file is a UTF8 (unicode) encoded text file with details of the mission name and the profile name used to create the mission save.

Although readable (and unfortunately) writeable by text editors such as notepad, be aware that this is not 'simple' single-character-style text.


The header.bin file contains information about the mission owner (user profile), the type of mission (Multi Player vs Single Player), the mission name, and the template used to create the mission.

This file is also rAP'd and signed by the OFP: Elite engine.


In order to allow you to play a PC mission on OFP: Elite, it is the templates option that you need to modify and point to your mission save folder.




The mission.par file is the meat of the mission. The file is much like the PC version of the mission.sqm file, it contains the details of the units placed in the editor, any waypoints the user has created, along with the time, date, weather settings.

This file has some special properties, the file is rAP'd and signed by the OFP: Elite engine.

Action Replay Notes

Keep in mind when preparing your mission for the Action Replay application these points.

  • 1. All files must be zipped up into a single archive to be recognized by the AR (the name of the ZIP archive seems inconsequential).
  • 2. The first sub folder within this archive should be named "UDATA"

Note There is a size restriction in how large mission can be. The Action Replay application will accept any size of mission, however when one tries to copy the save back through the Xbox memory manager you will receive an error. Safe sizes so far have been aroudn 500k. Missions over 1024k seem to fail.