Red Hammer: Walkthrough – Operation Flashpoint

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Spoiler Warning
The following text contains game spoilers such as story details or mission walkthroughs. Read at your own risk!


Red Hammer


  • -missing-

Location: Lighthouse in east coast

Time: ???? hours.

This is straightforward fighting. You will encounter lot of enemies, but luckily you're attacking with force. Commanders seem to be rushing first and get killed often. You will run out of ammo due to number of enemies, find nearest KIA comrade and take his ammo



  • Find the communications center in Meaux and end the rebel uprising here
  • Curtail the militia meeting in Saint Philippe
  • Capture and secure the Militia Training installation
  • Secure the airfield

Location: Tyrone

Time: 0930 hours.

First clean up Meaux. There will be a lot of civilians. Don't shoot anybody without a gun. After Meaux you will get a promotion and need to lead your men to Saint Philippe. In the fields you will encounter a number of enemy soldiers. Clean Saint Philippe from enemy soldiers. Instruct your reinforcements to ride the truck near the Militia Traincing center and wait for them to arrive. Attack with full force and clean the camp. Mount your men into the Ural and drive it north near to the airfield. Stop the truck at the gate and dismount. There is a number of enemies defending the airfield, clear them out.

You also can take a BMP at the beginning of the mission. Get in as a driver and sergeant will give an order for all to get into BMP. After a Meaux you can take commander's or gunner's place (don't forget to stop and let sergeant leave your vehicle). Unfortunately you have not so much ammo on your vehicle, so after Saint Philippe or later you'll have to continue mission on foot (or use BMP jut as transport)



  • Ensure Angelina errives safely in Montignac, in time to meet her flight.

Location: East coast, north of Chotain

Time: 0530 hours.

Get into ammo truck as driver. Follow the front truck quite near, if you fall behind, mission will fail. You will be ambushed in Fb44, fight the enemies. Bad news is that you are the only survivor and there is an enemy tank. It is very passive, but you need to find the RPG from a dead comrade and destroy the tank (or if you are in luck, the RPG soldier survives the ambush and destroys the tank for you). The ammo truck is out-of-order and the only working truck is locked. The civilian in the building next to the ammo truck has the keys. Drive the civilian truck next to ammo truck and Angelina will be your passenger. Drive to Montignac. There will be two soldiers in , but they are unable to harm you.



  • Defend the village from hostile forces.
  • Prevent any expenditionary force from escaping.

Location: Saint Pierre

Time: 0850 hours.

Two choppers of NATO soldiers will appear. You need to fight both. It is very important that you have Strela in your equipment. In the beginning the tent has ammo for Strela. You need a total of 4 shots and taking a moving helicopter is pretty much impossible. During the events 2 two trucks and 2 cars will pass Saint Pierre. Only the first truck will have enemy soldiers on it, the others are civilians. Wait of the relief force, mount a truck and drive north.

Beachhead Assault


  • Eliminate all enemy forces in the vicinity of the beach

Location: Beach near Chapoi

Time: 0730 hours.

You're on board of a BMP, when it hits the beach get out and fight the enemy. When beach is cleaned, a new mission will be assigned to you. Go to chapoi and destroy an AA gun there. When you arrive at AA gun you need something to destroy the thing. If you were unlucky to not have any rockets, there is a soldier with Carl Gustav launcher. Take that from killed soldier. After destroying the AA gun, head back to the beach.

Under Fire


  • Destroy the two Vulcans.
  • Destroy the other two Vulcans.
  • Report to the base at Houdan.

Location: Houdan

Time: 0730 hours.

During this mission, protect your number two. He is the only one with RPG, three rounds to destroy four vulcans. He is also enemy's #1 target. In the NATO camp there is an ammo tent with a LAW launcher. A vulcan tank can be destroyed with a number of hand grenades, but you won't be able to carry that many. During the mission there will be acute ammo issue. You will confront so many enemies, that eventually you will run out of ammo. My solution was enemy M21 and their ammo tent.

Drive the truck to Gd60, the shelling gives really nice atmosphere, but is harmless. In Gd60 there will be an enemy machine gun. Flank the machine gun nest from right with your truck, drive near the bushes and disembark. Beware the sniper on top of the hill, so a Dragunov is definitely your weapon of choice. If you're not fast, he will snipe a couple of you. Also beware the NATO patrol boat which appears while middle of the fight. Approach the Vulcans from the enemy camp side, if you go to the top of the hill, the vulcans can shoot you and your men directly. The second Vulcan will get angry after you destroy the first one. Mount the truck and drive to Ge70.

Dismount the truck before the left crossing to military base which is right next to the road. This set of Vulcans one is a lot easier than the first ones. You can do a surprise attack and have the tactical advantage due to your elevated position. Also both Vulcans are clearly in sight for your RPGs. The remaining enemy soldiers will come after you, so make sure to snipe a number of them before mounting the Ural and getting back to the base.

Picking up the pieces


  • Get to Houdan and use the radio to contact your base in Lolisse.

Location: Road south of Houdan

Time: 1700 hours.

Stay out of the road. You will encounter enemy patrols and you can hide or confront them, it does not make any difference. Arrive at Houdan, there is no radio there. Head to resupply base with your wounded comrade. This is the part when things get tricky. You are way outnumbered to confront the enemy directly. Circle around from Fb51 to Fa50 to the back of the house. Kill all the enemies and drive the truck back to Ff52 where the T72 is located. Repair it, mount it and drive to Ff45, there are a total of 4 M60 tanks. Destroy them and return back to repair truck. Repair your tank and prepare for 2 additional M60 tanks approaching from south.

Tank rescue


  • Rescue the trapped tank crew.
  • Retake the captured tanks from the Fuel Depot.
  • Reach the evacuation point.
  • Secondary Objective: Destroy the US tanks in Chapoi and rout their forces

Location: Road east of Chapoi

Time: 0730 hours.

Get into T72 as a gunner. Go to Ed67 via Ei68. If you go near the Chapoi, your repair truck will get destroyed. Alternatively, you can take the secondary mission and go destroy all the tanks. The tank crew is waiting in Ed67, you don't even have to fight anybody. Order them to mount the civil truck. Order everybody else to Halt and drive your T72 to Ec72. Destroy the M113 and kill the three soldiers there. Order the tank crew in civilian truck to arrive at the Fuel Depot. Order the tank crews into two T72s, repair, refuel and order them and the repair truck to go to Dj70.



  • Destroy the tanks chasing us from La Riviere.
  • Make sure our men reach the boats safely. Their lives are in your hands.

Location: Road west of La Riviere

Time: ???? hours.

Destroy the M1A1, two M60 tanks and M113. The convoy will be flanked by infantry and tanks at Bh74, destroy the two M60 tanks and rush to Be89. There is a Shilka which you need to man with another tank's crew before the attack helicopter arrives. Order the Shilka to target the AH-64 and load HEAT and destroy the arriving 4 patrol boats.



  • Infiltrate the airbase and try to find some transport. Use all necessary force.

Location: Forest north of Saint Louis

Time: 0400 hours.

Run towards the airbase at Fi17. Beware the enemy camp at Fe21, there are only a handful of soldiers, so it is safe to surprise them. After the cutscene, head to Fh16 and throw 3 hand grenades to destroy the first Vulcan. Beware, your number 2 is trigger happy and the field north of airfield is full of soldiers. Evade any attackers and walk trough the main gate. There are only three soldiers inside the fence. You can throw your remaining 3 handgrenades from there. Mount the Mi17 helicopter and fly to the next airfield. It has 4 attack helicopters. Use your rockets to destroy all of them.



  • Steal the truck, refuel the chopper and take off.
  • Pick up Nikolai squad.
  • Get off the island with the helicopter and the stranded soldiers in one piece.

Location: Airfield west of Saint Louis

Time: 0445 hours.

You are back on the airfield where you destroyed the attack helicopters (they seem intact in the field, though). Kill the soldiers on the field and head to the fuel truck at Fi17 which is pretty much the same place you stole the helicopter from. The soldiers at the gate carry interesting choice of weapons, my favorite is Steyr Aug. When you have the fuel truck, drive it back to your chopper and fly to Ce50 for the repairs. With the repaired chopper fly to Df39 and destroy the three tanks and the AA gun. Fly to Ec45 and pick up the squad. Fly to Bi72 and destroy the three tanks and the M113A Vulcan AA gun. Fly to Ai95 and you're done.



  • Assassinate the officer from St. Louis.
  • Assassinate the officer in La Trinite.
  • Assassinate the officer from Dourdan.

Location: Beach east of Saint Louis

Time: 0600 hours.

This is your first Spetz Natz mission. The summit is at Fg38. In the town of La Trinite there are a lot of enemy soldiers. Approach from Ff38 and wait patiently, all officers will arrive eventually. Your only real problem is that you have only 40 rounds for your Dragunov. After your job is done, just go to extraction and a Mi17 will be waiting.



  • Destroy the first wave of attackers.

Location: Montignac

Time: 0730 hours.

You need to build fences to keep enemy tanks from taking control of the city. You have 12 pieces of fence which you can use to seal of streets. You also have a lot of ammo, including AT4 launcher and ammo crates for it. The bad news is that first arriving tank is M1A1 and it takes 4 hits to destroy. Your keen comrades get themselves killed while trying to finish that off. The second wave consists of three M60 tanks. Third wave consists of black op soldiers and two M113A APCs. Fourth wave consists of four M60 tanks. After that, a Mi17 is sent to pick you and rest of your team up.

Under Orders


  • Secondary objective: The Americans have recently taken possession of this abandoned hospital. Relieve them of it.
  • Make your way to Meaux and set up the ambush.

Location: Forest south of Tyrone

Time: 0530 hours.

If you choose to take the secondary objective, there is a building in Da35. It is poorly guarded, but it has M113A circling in the field. During your run in the fields, you will encounter enemy groups. You basically need to enter Meaux and that's it.

Dark Path


  • Eliminate the 1st NATO leader.
  • Eliminate the 2nd NATO leader.
  • Make your way to the farmhouse, find the Resistance leader and kill him. Without him, the Americans will be weakened - giving us the chance to counter-attack.

Location: Forest south of Cravette

Time: 0100 hours.

Go to Dc39, there is a handful of soldiers guarding the Officer. On your exit, there is a Jeep. You can drive that to the next target. The 2nd Officer is better guarded, the number of guards is overwhelming and there are NV-equipped soldiers. Recommend arriving from south, that seems the easiest approach. Steal the humvee and drive to the farmhouse. Beware, there are NATO soldiers guarding the Resistance leader.



  • Destroy the ammo and fuel supplies in the Northern base.
  • Destroy the fuel supplies in the Eastern base.
  • Neutralize the helicopters.
  • Return to your evac point.

Location: The mountain in Kolgujev

Time: 0515 hours.

You need singlehandedly blow up a lot of stuff. Bigger guns would be helpful. Go to Ff53 (it is a long run there), there is the base with two Mi17s. Blow up the BMP and the Shilka first, or they will blow you up while attempting to take off. After that you have 190 57mm rockets for a bigger gun. Shoot the another Mi17 down and fly to the fuel dump. Shoot the fuel pumps and blow stuff up. Quite soon you should get the go ahead to the next base. Shoot that also up. After completing that one, just fly to the forest near you evac point and eject. The remaining Mi17 will be destroyed and you will get the third objective. Run to your evac point.



  • Search the base for weapons for your team.
  • Once equipped, make your way to the village.
  • Seize control of the village.

Location: Field north of Kardif

Time: 0610 hours.

Take the short jog to the nearby base. Circle from west to the south fence, where bush covers the hole. Enter the base and all the weapons are pretty much there. Jog to top of the hill and assault the village. Beware, the really aggressive soldiers in the barb wire command post. Inside the barb wire area, there is an ammo crate which has RPG rounds for your Nh-75. Make sure to take the rather passive T-72 down.



  • Aid the Americans' invasion effort.
  • Secure the Inland Supply Depot.
  • Destroy the two T-72 tanks and the Mi17 helicopter at the Armory.
  • Assassinate the two officers at the Western Soviet Command Center.

Location: Hill north of Kardif

Time: 0630 hours.

Northeast of your insertion point is a question mark. You will find a couple of tanks and their crew. Kill the soldiers and mount the tanks. T-80 is my preference. Just make sure that you have a gunner in both tanks. Go to Da70, there are a lot of Russian troops. Help Americans by destroying them. Stay on east side of the road, there are soldiers in the woods also. The battle is over when you get the T-72 destroyed. Move to Ce62, you will meet two T-80s and bunch of soldiers. In the winding road, you will encounter two T-72s. Go to Cf46 for your target, there will be total of three T-80s and a BMP. After you've destroyed all the vehicles and tents, head to borderline at Ca45 for repairs. After that move to the next target at Bh42. In the Armory the are not that many soldiers, but the two active T-72s are a danger to you. When they are down, just do the Mi17. In the area there is an BMP with AT rockets and AT soldiers. Really look out when entering the area. Finally the officers are at the top floor of the HQ.

Race Against Time


  • Rescue Sergei within 15 minutes
  • Both of you must return to this point.

Location: Beach near Chapoi

Time: 0530 hours.

This is a really strange and nearly impossible one. You have two soldiers on a BMP and you're driving a T-80. With that setup, you cannot do this mission. Make 2 and 3 disembark and mount your T-80. In Fd64 you will meet a BMP with AT-rockets and soldiers with AT. In Fd59 you will meet two T-80s and a BMP. There also will be a Mi-24 and a Mi-17 hammering you after those three tanks. An enemy free route is to make your way to empty base at Fd47 and make a the huge downhill at Ga43. Enter the base at Gd40 at which point you won't have lot of time left. Your biggest concern is the AT-soldier, ignore the passive BMP and deal with that one later. Kill the two Spetz Natz and dash to the tent to stop the execution of your friend. Make your 2 and 3 dismount the T-80 and mount the empty Shilka in the base. Make your 4 to grab a AK-47 from a dead soldier. You need to get back to the T-80 to destroy the BMP. Your 2 and 3 should be able to deal with the Mi-24. Make your 4 mount the T-80. When you exit the base, there are two T-72s and a Shilka waiting. Your friends at the Shilka should be able to handle any kind of aerial attack, but they won't sustain any AT-soldiers or T-72s. Just make your way back to the top of the hill and retrace your way back to the beach. There will be a lonely BMP near your exfil point.

Hidden Agenda


  • Place the bombs unnoticed.
  • Destroy the three targets.
  • Call in the American attack.
  • Make your way off the island.

Location: Northeastern point of the island

Time: 1810 hours.

You're going on a solo mission with only an AK-47. Luckily you're disguised as a Russian soldier. You have three invisible bombs which are not shown in your inventory, but they are there. You can just walk into the port and place the bombs near the ammo tent next to the gate, near the three fuel trucks and near the two BMPs. To avoid the officer who knows you, place the bomb into the ammo tent, head to the fuel trucks and go via the boats to the BMPs. Place the bomb between the two BMPs to get them both in one blast. After placing the bombs, just walk back to the hill to safe area next to the machine gun nest and detonate. Radio in the attack. You need to kill the machine gunner and some Russian soldiers who got angry after you blew the place up. This is not in your mission description (which is very poor anyway): In the middle of the port there are two officers. Your options are to kill them or capture them. After either, head to a boat and just sail away. If both boats get destroyed by the attack, you are instructed to head inland, but you mission will fail.

After you leave the island, that's it! Just enjoy the end credits.

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