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SILENT WAR is a successor of Silent War Mod - a modification for Operation Flashpoint (ARMA:CWA) which was under development in 2001 - 2006. The mod was never finished.


The project was revived by RozekPoland in 2010. The first idea was to revive the mod by collecting all the available content from the unreleased mod. The point was to prepare a package of all addons introducing Polish army units that have ever been released. The amount of work caused that the project has evolved into a much wider scale. It was the beginning of SILENT WAR UNIVERSE.


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The new idea behind SILENT WAR has evolved into a universe (SILENT WAR UNIVERSE) of military conflicts that take place in different parts of the world. SILENT WAR consists of a number of projects that focus on a specific conflict. The conflicts will be shown with high fidelity by taking into account such elements as history, politics and culture. The base of the projects is the same - OFP / ARMA:CWA.

Call of Bug River

silentwar cobr mini1.png

The first project of SILENT WAR is titled Call of Bug River. It is the successor of Silent War Mod revival project from 2010. The story sticks to the original one (moved to 2005) from the unreleased mod. The story has been explained in this video .

"It’s year 2005. After long winter and frosty spring comes sweltering summer. Floods, appearing each year in the whole Europe, don’t avoid Poland too. Vistula, Oder and other big rivers overflow. But the worst situation is on the east of the country, where additional factor assisting flood are heavy rains. They cause the Bug river – border river between Poland and Belarus – to change its line. The river "moves" to the west - to its old bed. And now part of Poland is under water. Journalists are joking about the fourth partition of Poland. But one rainy day, a group of Polish soldiers, removing the flood effects, have been attacked from the eastern side of Bug river, by unknown military forces."

The project will be an event for multiplayer mode as a set of co-operative missions that are linked and driven by the main story. The story will take place on the eastern border of Poland which will be reflected by the in-game terrain. Technical aspects of the project will be led by PFC (Polish Flashpoint Community). The project uses many community-made addons such as:

  • OFPL (WP Soldiers + OFPL Ext. + OFF GROM)
  • Silent War Mod (unfinished)
  • LWP
  • CRN
  • Vilas
  • RHS
  • OWP
  • MNF
  • MFM
  • SFM

The project is in-progress so the list cannot be considered as the final one.


addOns: SW, RHS
addOns: OFPL
addOns: SW, OWP
addOns: OFPL
addOns: SZM_PT91

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