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WaveToLip is an application that generates a lip files (*.lip) from wav, ogg or wss audio files supported by Bohemia Interactive's engine. A lip file accompanies a sound file meant for spoken words in a mission. The file lip-syncs the month of the charter to the spoken words in a sound file. It shares the same name of the sound file and must be in the same folder.



NOTE: ogg files are actually sound files encoded with the Ogg Vorbis codec developed by Xiphophorus software, wss files are proprietary BI sound files created by WaveToSSS. Wss files are optimal for the engine except a long audio that needs to be streamed - for that ogg format is best.

To use, simply drag a 16-bit mono audio file into the WaveToLip.exe. It will then generate the lip file to the same directory/folder as the source audio files.

Tip: Add a short-cut of the WavToLip program to Windows Send To folder (C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\SendTo ). This will let you simply right click on a supported audio file wav and select "send to" and WaveToLip.


It can play wav, wss or ogg files or directory (wave2sss -play <directory> ). It can also convert wav file to wss.
Wave2SSS is available here.