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Spectator camera is a tool for watching game while you cannot or do not want to play directly. It's often available after your death, when you wait for a respawn. It is also available on pre-defined playable slots for users who wish to observe a mission or even stream its progress.



  • Use [Space] to switch between unit view and free camera.
  • Use [Arrow left], [Arrow right] to list through watchable soldiers. The selected one is be marked by an icon.
  • Tap [M] to open the map.
  • Clicking [LMB] anywhere in map will move the free camera under cursor position.
  • Press [N] to toggle night vision.
  • Use [Ctrl + F1-F10] to save the currently selected soldier.
  • Press [F1-F10] to recall to a saved soldier.

Free Camera

  • Move the camera by [W], [A], [S], [D], [Q] and [Z].
  • Use mouse and Numpad numbers to look around.
  • Tap [Num *] to toggle between moving and looking around by mouse.
  • Press [Delete] to toggle a floating mode.
  • Use [F] to focus the camera on a cursor target or a position.
  • Press [L] to hide the crosshair.
  • Tap [Left Alt] to move camera to selected unit's position.
  • Use [Ctrl + 0-9] to save current camera coordinates.
  • Press [0-9] to load saved camera coordinates.

Unit View

  • Use [Num Enter], [Num 0] or [Num .] to switch between camera views. This is consistent with other views in the game.

Mission Configuration

Use missionNamespace variables to limit camera behavior.

Variable Type Description Example
RscSpectator_allowedGroups Array of Groups All group members will be available for spectator preview. All groups are used by default.
RscSpectator_allowedGroups = [BIS_grpBlue,BIS_grpGreen];
RscSpectator_allowFreeCam Boolean Enable/disable access to free cam. When disabled, only unit view remains. Default is enabled.
RscSpectator_allowFreeCam = false;

Area restriction is planned in the future.