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A side selection parameter for the following BIS functions would be useful:


0: OBJECT - objct to which items will be added
1: STRING or ARRAY of STRINGs - item class(es) to be added
2 (Optional): BOOL - true to add items globally (default: false)
3 (Optional): BOOL - true to add Arsenal action (default: true)

Special purpose String accepted by Parameter-1:
Playerside (current playerside of player opening the VA system
Side (west\East\OPfor\Guer\etc....)

These special Strings could than be used to:
1 - Provide VA-ammoboxes containing items only available gear based on the current playerside of the player 'opening' the box
2 - Create VA-ammoboxes containing items for a specific side only, regardles of the playerside of the player opening them.

Regardless of the Strings, the VA system should still be able to take overrides from the Whitelist and or Blacklist.

Forum discusstion:

Loadout in soldier's init field

By just pasting the exported Loadout to a soldier's init field. it will get reexecuted for each player that Joins in Progress so its possible that the gear gets reset mid-game. --Dedmen (talk) 01:19, 28 August 2015 (CEST)