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Seriously BI! No line about how to use buttonMenuOK and buttonMenuCancel ? Just few words about reserved idc, then nothing more? How to save variables? how to cancel and what difference with ESC and cancel ? You wrote a long list of unexplained parameters, (by the way shortcuts[] is missing and unexplained) and you figure it's useful? class RscButtonMenuOK { idc = 1; shortcuts[] = {"0x00050000 + 0", 28, 57, 156 }; default = 1; text = "OK"; soundPush[] = {"\A3\ui_f\data\sound\RscButtonMenuOK\soundPush", 0.09, 1 }; }; you can guess text and soundpush, admit idc =1, and so what?

Without speaking about example of shortCutButton with no action (or as poor as "hint 'hello'") . Why can't you explain how action button works? I mean how dialog box identify such button is triggered?