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<includeonly><div class="gvi">[[File:{{Name|{{{1}}}|img}} {{GVI/branch|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}}} version.gif|link=Category:{{GVI/intro|{{{1}}}}} {{{2}}}|alt={{GVI/intro|{{{1}}}}}]]<span class="{{GVI/branch|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}}}">{{#ifeq:{{{2}}}|?|?|{{#explode:{{{2}}}|.|0}}.{{#explode:{{{2}}}|.|1}}}}</span>{{#if:{{{3|}}}|[[Category:{{GVI/intro|{{{1}}}}} {{{2}}}|{{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]|}}</div></includeonly><noinclude>
Template '''''GVI''''' standing for '''''G'''ame '''V'''ersion '''I'''mage''.
| <span class="gvi2 gvi-{{Name|{{{1|}}}|id}}{{#if:{{#pos:{{{2|}}}|.}} |
{{#ifexpr:{{{2}}} < 0.7|<nowiki/> gvi-alpha}}
== Usage ==
{{#ifexpr:{{{2}}} >= 0.7 and {{{2}}} < 1|<nowiki/> gvi-beta}}
Placing <tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma3|dev}}</nowiki></tt> in a page will result in {{GVI|arma3|dev}} being rendered in it's place.
}}{{#if:{{#pos:{{lc:{{{branch|}}}{{{2|}}}}}|dev}}|<nowiki/> gvi-dev}}{{#if:{{#pos:{{lc:{{{branch|}}}{{{2|}}}}}|diag}}|<nowiki/> gvi-diag}}"{{#if:{{{size|}}}|<nowiki/> style="font-size: {{#ifexpr:({{{size}}}/2+0.5)*12<24|{{#expr:({{{size}}}/2+0.5)*12}}|24}}px; height: {{#expr:{{{size}}}*32}}px; width: {{#expr:{{{size}}}*32}}px"}}><span class="icon">{{Icon|{{Name|{{{1}}}|id}}|{{#if:{{{size|}}}|{{#expr:{{{size}}}*32-2}}|30}}|link=:Category:Introduced with {{Name|{{{1}}}}} version {{lc:{{{2|}}}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{uc:{{{2}}}}}|?}}}}</span><span class="version">[[:Category:Introduced with {{Name|{{{1}}}}} version {{lc:{{{2|}}}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{uc:{{{2}}}}}|?}}]]</span></span>
| -no game provided-
=== Parameters ===
The template accepts '''three''' params, the third one being optional.
==== Game Name ====
The first param '''''must''''' be the required ''Game Name'' such as <tt>arma2</tt> or <tt>ofp</tt>.
The text is parsed by {{Template|Name}} so is capable of understanding many alternative inputs.
==== Version Number ====
The second param '''''must''''' be the required ''Version Number'' such as <tt>0.20</tt> or <tt>1.82</tt>.
==== Categorize ====
The third param is '''''optional''''' and if included (''e.g.'' <tt><nowiki>{{GVI|ofp|1.30|cat}}</nowiki></tt>), will place the page on which the this Template is used into the appropriate Category for the ''Game+Version''.
Any value may be added as the third param, but for clarity and continuity, use something like '''''cat''''', '''''category''''' or '''''categorize''''' so that future editors understand its purpose.
== Examples ==
Any of the examples below can also include the third parameter, to place the page they're used on into the Category they link to.
{| class="bikitable"
| {{GVI|ofp|1.30}}
| {{GVI|ofpr|1.80}}
| {{GVI|arma|?}}
| {{GVI|arma|1.1}}
| {{GVI|arma2|1.11}}
| {{GVI|oa|1.63}}
| {{GVI|arma2oa|1.60}}
| {{GVI|arma3|dev}}
| {{GVI|arma3|0.50}}
| {{GVI|arma3|0.58}}
| {{GVI|arma3|0.76}}
| {{GVI|arma3|1.22}}
| {{GVI|tkoh|1.02}}
| {{GVI|vbs1|2.12.14}}
| {{GVI|vbs2|1.49}}
<!-- Categories this template should belong to -->

Revision as of 15:38, 23 May 2021

Template GVI standing for Game Version Icon - should appear inline Arma 3 logo black.png1.00 when in a paragraph.



  • game: identical to Name Identifiers
  • version: (Optional, default 1.00) game version such as "1.75", two digits after the period
  • branch: (Optional, named parameter, default empty) can be dev or diag for Development or Diagnostic Branch
  • size: (Optional, named parameter, default 1) ratio size, ratio × 32px
Code Result
{{GVI}} -no game provided-
{{GVI|ofp}} Logo A0.png?
{{GVI|ofp|1.30}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofp|1.30|size=1}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofp|1.30|size=.75}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofp|1.30|size=2}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofpr|1.80}} ofpr version.gif1.80
{{GVI|ofpe|1.00}} ofpe logo.png1.00
{{GVI|arma1|?}} Logo A1 black.png?
{{GVI|arma1|1}} Logo A1 black.png1
{{GVI|arma1|1.1}} Logo A1 black.png1.1
{{GVI|arma2|1.05}} Logo A2.png1.05
{{GVI|arma2oa|1.60}} A2 OA Logo.png1.60
{{GVI|arma3|0.05}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.05
{{GVI|arma3|0.50}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.50
{{GVI|arma3|0.58}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.58
{{GVI|arma3|0.70}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.70
{{GVI|arma3|0.76}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.76
{{GVI|arma3|1.14}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.14
{{GVI|arma3|1.99}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.99
{{GVI|arma3|2.00}} Arma 3 logo black.png2.00
{{GVI|arma3|2.49}} Arma 3 logo black.png2.49
{{GVI|arma3|2.50}} Arma 3 logo black.png2.50
{{GVI|arma3|dev}} Arma 3 logo black.pngDEV
{{GVI|arma3|1.55|branch=dev}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.55
{{GVI|arma3|diag}} Arma 3 logo black.pngDIAG
{{GVI|arma3|1.55|branch=diag}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.55
{{GVI|carriercommand|1.00}} CC Logo.png1.00
{{GVI|dayz|1.00}} dayzlogoinv.png1.00
{{GVI|tkoh|1.00}} tkoh logo small.png1.00
{{GVI|tkom|1.00}} tkom logo small v2.png1.00
{{GVI|armaR|0.9.5}} armareforger-symbol black.png0.9.5
{{GVI|armaR|1.00}} armareforger-symbol black.png1.00
{{GVI|arma4|1.00}} arma4-symbol black.png1.00