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  • Update template so it has an extra parameter for introduced with e.g. GVI Template
  • Add support for premium content
  • Add support for supporting content
  • Add support for free platform updates or free content
  • Add trailer param?


  • image: Image displayed on the top right
  • size: (optional, default 250) Size of image in px
  • intro: A short summary of what the game is about
  • feature#: (Optional) A list of features (# in range 1..20)
  • gallery#: (Optional) Images displayed at the bottom of the page (# in range 1..4)
  • dlc#: (Optional) Available DLCs (# in range 1..13)
  • start#: (Optional) A list with "getting started" pages (# in range 1..7)
  • social#: (Optional) Links to social media (# in range 1..5)
  • isDLC: (Optional, default n) Enter y if it is a DLC. This will prevent Projects from being added to the page

The template will automatically remove TOC and section edit links. Additionally, the page is automatically added to the Projects category (if not a DLC).


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