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gday DamonDaemon,

I'd assume your User Page comment is due to Xeno's removal of your description edit.

While I agree that his comment was unnecessary, your addition was not correct.
My advice is to add it as a note at the end of the page or to the talk page. People can dispute it there.
However the description is not the right place.

You may want to look into locality in MP and how triggers work in that regard.

--Kju 08:18, 11 February 2012 (CET)

While nonsense might not be the right word for it (sorry for beeing so harsh), first try to understand how locality in MP works. It doesn't help anybody, especially not new users, to write statements into the description of a command which are simply not correct and cause confusion.

You have added another comment to hideObject. While the part with the particle effects and sound is ok, the first part is not.

There is a reason why there are icons above each command which show the locality of a command if you hover with the mouse over it.

--Xeno 11:55, 11 February 2012 (CET)

Ok will do, sorry for beeing so harsh too, but I was a bit p*ssed off, haha... but my own experiences (don't ask me how I tested, I'm just saying) don't really fit in the picture, that's why I added what seems to be wrong, but that is/was just exactly my experience; If you spawn a local vehicle, you can shoot people, and they die, but no "Killer Message" comes up; when you are HIDING the object, it still shows it on the map (at least the name of it when Markers are enabled) and still emits sounds AND shows the "Killer-Message", so "hideobject" is not sufficient to "Watch your Server while in Hiding" and "Kill Teamkillers without being noticed". I'm just using these for Server administration, really. Also, there might been a big misunderstanding, since I sometimes have problems finding the right expressions, so expressions like "locally on a Server" were somewhat wrong, I see that now. The Point is that WHEN you run some commands like these, they have to be sent THRU THE NETWORK, to all machines; just executing "on your own machine" hides the object, but only on your own screen.DamonDaemon 00:04, 12 February 2012 (CET)