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[[Category:Scripting Commands|C]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands|CAMERAEFFECT]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|C]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|CAMERAEFFECT]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.46|C]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.46|CAMERAEFFECT]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|C]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|CAMERAEFFECT]]

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camera cameraEffect effect

Operand types:

camera: Object

effect: Array

Type of returned value:



Switch camera to given vehicle camera.

Format of effect is [name, position].

Name is one of:

  • "Internal"
  • "External"
  • "Fixed"
  • "Fixed With Zoom"

Position is one of:

  • "TOP"
  • "LEFT"
  • "RIGHT"
  • "FRONT"
  • "BACK" ("BACK" is normally used)


_camera cameraEffect ["External", "Back"]