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Searches in a string with a regular expression.
Strings - Regular Expression


haystack regexFind [pattern, startOffset]
haystack: String
pattern: String - format regex pattern
startOffset: Number - (Optional, default 0) has to be in range from 0 to count haystack (haystack's length)
Return Value:
Array of nested arrays. Each lowest level array in format:
  • 0: String - match
  • 1: Number - offset of given match relative to haystack beginning (the provided offset is ignored)


Example 1:
"wooKie boOkie cookie" regexFind [".ookie/gio"]; // [[["wooKie", 0]], [["boOkie", 7]], [["cookie", 14]]]
Example 2:
"wooKie boOkie cookie" regexFind [".ookie/i"]; // [[["wooKie",0]]]
Example 3:
"wooKie boOkie cookie" regexFind [".ookie/"]; // [[["cookie", 14]]]
Example 4:
Multiline example:
"co1kie2 co2kie" regexFind ["^co.kie$"]; // [[["co2kie",9]]]
Example 5:
"I'm a cookie clicker" regexFind ["c(.*?)k(.*?)e/i"]; // [[["cookie",6], ["oo", 7], ["i", 10]]]
Example 6:
"I'm a cookie clicker" regexFind ["c(.*?)k(.*?)e"]; // [[["cookie", 6], ["oo", 7], ["i", 10]], [["clicke", 13], ["lic", 14], ["", 18]]]

Additional Information

See also:
regexMatch regexReplace


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