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Introduced with Arma 2 version 1.051.05
Hover & click on the images for descriptions


Returns true if given serverCommand is available on current machine, false if not. Here is the general table of availability of Arma 3 server commands:

  • Available to anyone

#login, #userlist, #beclient, #vote

  • Available to any admin (voted in / logged in) or server host

#kick, #debug

#lock, #unlock, #maxping, #maxdesync, #maxpacketloss

  • Available to any admin (voted in / logged in)

#logout, #restart, #mission, #missions, #reassign, #monitor, #init

  • Available to logged in admin

#shutdown, #restartserver, #exec, #beserver, #monitords, #logentities, #exportjipqueue

  • Available to logged in admin on certain game builds

#captureframe, #enabletest, #disabletest

To check if server command could be executed in current environment use serverCommandExecutable. For more information on what each server command does, see Multiplayer Server Commands.

NOTE: When password variant of serverCommand is used on dedicated server, the table above does not apply as everything is available to it.


serverCommandAvailable command
command: String
Return Value:


Example 1:
_can = serverCommandAvailable "#kick";
Example 2:
if (serverCommandAvailable "#logout") then { hint "You are a some sort of admin"; };

Additional Information

See also:
serverCommandserverCommandExecutableadminMultiplayer Server Commands


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