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Links an If Type with Code to be executed if said If Type's condition is true; otherwise, "else" code is executed if provided.
The alternative syntax allows to set "then" code and "else" code in one array.
Variables declared inside thenCode are private to that code block - see Variables - Local Variables Scope.
Program Flow


ifType then thenCode
ifType: If Type
thenCode: Code or Array of Code. Can be one of:
Return Value:
Anything - result of the executed code


Example 1:
if (a > b) then { hint "a is greater than b!"; };
Example 2:
private _c = 0; if (a > b) then { _c = 1; } else { _c = 2; };
Example 3:
if (alive player) then [{ hint "player is alive"; }, { hint "player is dead"; }];
Example 4:
private _value = if (alive player) then { 1 } else { 0 };

Additional Information

See also:
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