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Fianóglach tag of the ARW


Glaine ár gcroí. Neart ár ngéag. Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar
(The goodness of our hearts. The strength of our limbs. And our commitment to our promise)


The 1st. Irish Rangers were founded back in 2001, bit after the release of Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis. Two Irish tested the game on network and soon a third was invited. Soon after some gaming, the 1st. Irish Rangers Multiplayer gaming squad was set up. Originally for Irish members, the clan now includes members from all over Europe. The ball was rolling when more members from Czech Rep, England, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands and Denmark joined.

1st. Irish Rangers logo

About [1st-I-R]

The 1st. Irish Rangers is a fictional group of the ARW Army Ranger Wing. The ARW are Irelands Special Forces similar to the 1st SFOD-D.

The Squad contains players dedicated to Operation Flashpoint Resistance and the Finnish Defence Forces mod. The structure within the Squad is modelled after the Army of the Irish Armed Defence Forces. A chain of command is required to ensure efficient administration and command on the Battlefield.

[1st-I-R] is mainly a coop orientated clan, although CTF and C&H gametypes are also played and mastered by the members. The home of the 1st. Irish Rangers is the Forum where tactics are explained, questions are answered and recruits welcomed. The team uses Ventrilo for in-game communication and the gaming server, provided by the 451st Sniperteam squad, is like the Ventrilo server stationed in Denmark.

The 1st. Irish has a Staff of two Officers and two NCO. These four highly skilled professionals command and control the jobs within the squad. An Recruitment Officer is assigned to spot new talents, test and imrove their skills. After a test period the tested recruit will, after a democratic poll, receive the [Pvt] rank. The squad is built up from several firesquads in which each member has his specified role. These squads perfom together to reach the objectives and are variable as the skills are divided carefully and the elite soldiers have trust in the commanding officers.

What makes out the Irish Rangers

Are the Irish Rangers just a group of players that run around in fictional enviroments and kill artificial intelligence ? No ! The Irish Rangers are a group of experienced players of the worlds best tactical simulator. Throughout the years and hundreds of intense missions the members turned into millitary experts.

A firesquad uses real life tactics and combines speed, lethality, stealth, information analysing, brilliant weapon handling, intel about enemy forces, pick-out best insertion ways, extraction zones, reconing, covering and flanking tactics aswell as suppressing, distracting and cheating the enemy. CQB and LRP and cover of a dedicated Sniperteam, an emegerncy pilot for infil. and exfil. missions aswell as "Rapid Reaction" Soldiers and the ability to spontaneously split into several small operator teams to take up different objectives and the intern-communication between those teams and their flexibility make out this Spec Op squad.

Members of the 1st.Irish Rangers have their expert roles in which the guarantee a 100% kill. Tactics and professionalism are the highest priorities of the squad which fears no mission at no time.

Despite the great effort each member puts into the clanlife, the relation between the members could not be better. We are very proud to have formed such a nice community of only friendly and kind members. Members support each other on any possible way, even sending off hardware. They remain in constanct phone contact. All members are from Europe and many of the members did met others and I am very fortunate to be part of this family. This is a blessing to find a squad combining professionalism and such a affability.

451st Sniperteam Server

Gameserver IP: sniperteam.dk
Ventrilo version: v2.1
Ventrilo IP: speak.sniperteam.dk
Ventrilo Pw: Ask a [1st-I-R] member !!

The 451st Sniperteam server is located in Denmark and is a very stable Linux server on fibre glass. The server holds a maximum of 20 players. The mission numbers are 1000+ for normal maps and 800+ for FDF maps. At the moment the server runs the Finnish Defence Forces map but will run Resistance plus ECP mod soon again.

The server runs in Veteran mode ! No crosshairs, no 3rd, super AI ! Missions are mainly cooperative maps with NO! respawn. Preferred admins are all members of the 1st. Irish Rangers and 451st Sniperteam. No mission will be aborted, no matter how many people wait unless the players, still in game agree on a reassign.

Addons needed to game on 451st

1st. Irish Rangers participated in the Flashpoint Combat Missions league and still play those 1st. class COOP missions and thus the addons should always be at the ready. Many maps on the server also require BAS. The BAS and FCM addons should be loaded by your FDF shortcut, as the sever currently runs the Finnish Defence Forces.

Flashpoint CombatMissions

Ballistic Addons Studios & United States Marine Corps

Finnish Defence Forces

Requirements to join us

Anyone who is interested in joining the 1st. Irish Rangers should submit the following:

ARW members training CQB for antiterroristical operations

A) Name (including game nick)
B) Age
C) Nationality
D) Type of internet connection
E) ICQ number / MSN address
F) Why the interest in the Rangers
G) Your OFP history
H) Time to invest in the clan

Please mail this to Info@Irishrangers.com The Recruitment Officer will take care of your request and if you have any questions, write him at sobr@irishrangers.com

We usually play at the weekends, starting from around 9 but you may also find us playing during the week, if you and contact me on ICQ 279174335 or MSN makymany@hotmail.com we can try and arrange a game. The recruits will have a specified training night, where you have to prove and improve your skills by training missions done by our mission writers. And in following of the training and the recruiment period you will be assigned in one Fireteam where you have specific rolls. People who we seem suitable will become prospects and if they are still interested after the trial period of time the rest of the clan has a vote on their possible membership. It is the fairest way of doing it as each of us will have to play with them in the future.

You need to download Ventrilo, the communication program we use and you need to have the necessary hardware too.


The members of the 1st. Irish Rangers go by the name of "operators". This designation is also used by the Delta Force of the United States. Attached you find a list of all active and non-active operators of the [1st-I-R].

[Lt] Toto - Squadleader, Gameadministrator
[2Lt] Centurian - 2nd Squadleader, Siteadministrator
[2Lt] Rambo - Inactive in the US
[BQMS] Sim2003 - Silent killer, allround
[BQMS] SOBR - Allround, 2nd man in command, recruitment officer
[CS] Snake Plisken - Dedicated Sniper
[Sgt] Jobio - Found a girl and forgot us :-P
[Cpl] JEDREK - Allround, multi-talent, mission designer
[Cpl] Rotten - Allround, multi-talent, modder
[Cpl] Kurtz - Temporary inactive due to studywork, allround, multi-talent
[Cpl] Garder - Inactive
[Pvt] Thijs - New talent found in Holland, great teamworking capability


1st. Irish Rangers Home

Our Forum

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