3rd Infantry Division

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3rd Infantry Division


Blackbird, Viper

Dash (Fixed Wing)

Callahan, Luke

Talon (Rotary Wing)

Cook, Jackal, Warpack, Chillspider, WarDog


BigMac, Serf, Weez, SlapShot, Delta99, Jynx, RockSteel, Jellow, Hartley, Hawk, Dragon, Jon, Gary, Clark, D3, Brainplay, Kalashnikov, Sniper121

Saber (Armored)

Hevymetal, CYCO, Gooden, Doolittle, Apone

Wolf (Special Operatives)

Lirethion, Cataclyzm, Winchester, Mooch, Gramps, RedHawk, Humper, Hazell

Indigo (Recruits)

Not listed
Former members
MA75, Thumper, VVolfman
Training nights Tue and Sat

Campaigns Operation Dense Fissure and Operation Dragonfire

http://www.3rdinf-hq.com/ http://www.learntoflyahc.com/



At Regiment Hq we aim to bring you the most realistic military simulation unit that you might ever come across when playing games online today. Approximately 90% of our group is active or former military. We strive for 100 % realism and our team work is something that other clans and squads try to replicate.



The objective of the 3rd Infantry Division - besides having fun - is to recreate the events of a standard American army infantry unit during war in the Gaming Theatre as historically and as accurately as the game ARMA,RO,COD4,FSX Etc will allow. Realizing that there are certain limitations within this engine, we will continuously endeavor at every opportunity to emulate the tactics, methods, and procedures employed by a WW2 or modern US army unit. High kill scores by individuals while playing are not the goal of this unit nor are they the goal of the Division commander. We strive for teamwork, realism, and a sense of brotherhood that all combat units form in times of war. The 3rd Infantry Division will at all times strive to reach the highest level and degree of faithful adherence to the historically accurate execution of a United States infantry unit.


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