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by 6thSense.eu

6thSense.eu Presents: Pack3 v0.1. ArmA v1.08+ Compatible. (By Sickboy)

This package contains 2 Modules by 6thSense.eu (You do not have to use every module):

  • 6thSense.eu Suppression (Compared to original ROMM_IA v112)
    • Runs on every group that does not contain players or a vehicle (Will automaticly run again on group exited vehicles) (Works out of the box on all AI groups, in any mission, without any extra scripting etc)
    • AI doesn't cheat anymore; Now uses AI "Perceived Enemy Positions" as opposed to simply "Looking up" the precise Enemy Position.
    • AI doesn't try to find cover anymore, when a SmokeShell is detected
    • Sniper / MG / Smokeshell determination is now done through Config Properties, and reading them in the scripts. Makes it easy to support 3rd Party Weapons
    • AI Doesn't suppress from the wrong animationStates any longer (Thanks to Lecholas for the tip and list of animations)
    • Better Dead Unit handling
  • 6thSense.eu AIAccuracy and Range (To replace Pack2 six_repl_ai_***, pack2 might get updated soon)
    • Gives the AI better ability to spot and identify enemies. Unlike TrueRangeAI, it is a lot less aggressive
    • Gives the AI the possibility to engage from further distances. Basicly, they are a little better able to spot due to AIAccuracy addon. But they are able to fire back from further or engage earlier due to AIRange

  • BIS Forums Discussion Thread (dead link)


  • Place the Addon folder: @SIX_Pack3 into your ArmA Installation Folder (remove any of the addons you don't want to use)
  • Place the wanted Keys and SignFiles in place.
  • Edit your ArmA shortcut to include the mod, add: -mod=@SIX_Pack3
    • or if you have multiple mods, per example: -mod=@ModWar;@MAP_Air;@SIX_Pack3

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs in our Bug Tracker (please pick the proper Project and other options, aswell as first check if the bug isn't already reported, thanks!)


  • Sickboy - Project Leader
  • Sonsalt - Realistic values and adjustments
  • Rommel - ROMM_IA Script, allowing us to (ab)use it

Content Documentation


6thSense.eu Suppression Addon - BETA, by Sickboy


  • Contains Rommel IA v112 (Edited & Optimized by Sickboy)
  • Automatic Enabler for all units local to computer that contains the addon
    • Install on Server for Server AI
    • Install on Clients for Clients AI
    • Only works on Groups without players or vehicles. When groups get out of vehicles, the system automaticly initializes

Requires: Extended EventHandlers (Latest version by Solus & Killswitch)

Global Vars:

  • six_sys_suppression_debug = (number)
    • -1 = disabled
    • 0 = all informational debugging enabled
    • 1 = ROMM_IA informational debugging enabled


  • Each script a __debug constant can be set to true for low level function debugging


  • ROMM_IA by Rommel
  • Structure by A.C.E.
  • Enhancements, Config & Auto Init by Sickboy


6thSense.eu AI Addon - BETA, by Sickboy & Sonsalt


  • Changes fire, accuracy and identification behaviour of the AI


  • Please do not use in conjunction with old TrueRangeAI or our six_repl_ai_accuracy and six_repl_ai_range, as the settings might collide :)


  • Originally based on TrueRangeAI by RG
  • Structure by A.C.E.
  • Enhancements & Config By Sonsalt

Pack3 Changelog


  • Initial Version