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ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.50-1.52 to 1.54

Copyright (c) 2010 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.


An original version of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.50-1.53.

Download Mirrors


Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.

It will install all content of the patch to the folder with your Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead installation.

Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.

NOTE: This patch will also update your ARMA 2 1.05 to 1.07 if necessary.

In case you experience an Error found in file EXPANSIONS\ADDONS\missions_e.pbo error during the update installation, click the Ignore button and continue with installation. When finished, download the file missions_e.pbo separately here, then search and replace the original file within your Arma 2 installation folder.

Version 1.54 Highlights

  • Arma 2: British Armed Forces Lite - all units, vehicles and weapons from Arma 2: British Armed Forces are included in this patch with lower quality textures and audio files. The full version of Arma 2: British Armed Forces with high resolution textures and packed with a new campaign and large selection of new single player missions is available for purchase, see http://www.arma2.com/baf for more information about the content of Arma 2: British Armed Forces.
  • Numerous stability and functionality fixes and improvements
  • Reworked MP Session Browser and Mission Selector
  • Engineer - Engineers have undergone some serious training and are now capable of repairing damaged vehicles and defusing mines. An engineer can patch up a badly damaged vehicle, making it operable. A damaged component can be repaired to 60% status; however, note that the total damage inflicted upon the vehicle persists, and further damage will be calculated cumulatively. An engineer can defuse mines, satchels, and IEDs. It's possible to order an engineer to repair/defuse something by standing close to it, selecting 'engineer' in your command bar, and then pressing '6-1' ('action' > 'defuse'/'repair'). If you are engineer yourself, simply select 'action' > 'defuse'/'repair' from the Action Menu (default binding is the middle mouse button).
  • Artillery Computer - All indirect fire weapons can exploit the brand new artillery computer by selecting it in the Action Menu (default binding is the mouse wheel). The artillery computer initiates an interface where you can see your weapon, and the associated minimal and maximal ranges on the map. You may adjust your fire mode in the menu to the right and select the target area that your ordinance will strike. The display will indicate an estimated time to target; once you fire the ordinance - by clicking the 'Fire' button - the interface will track each shot. Your aim will change according to your actions once you leave the artillery computer.

Version 1.52-1.54 Changelog


  • New: GameSpy modhash key contains list of mods hashes and is used to check there are additional mods on server missing on client (yellow icon in UI).
  • New: Mods contents hashes are compared instead of mods lists when equal mods are required on server.
  • Fixed: Commandline -mod behavior, active Mods list in UI, ModLauncher UI dialog with better mods detection and handling.
  • Fixed: Terrain shadows were too short (-dead link-)
  • New: getWeaponCargo, getMagazineCargo, getBackpackCargo script commands
  • Experimental: TCMalloc used as a memory allocator.
  • New: Aircraft now auto-trims at high speed to prevent climbing.
  • Improved: More 3D/2D resolution ratios (8:7 and 6:5) added.
  • Fixed: Transport waited for dead unit to get out.
  • Fixed: NV tracers visible in TI (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: Decreased tank sliding.
  • Fixed: Sonic Cracks and Tracers not working in multiplayer
  • Optimized: Frame rate stutter near complex walkable objects (like low rock walls) caused by grass computations.
  • Fixed: crew getting killed in vehicles driving from hill/slope
  • Fixed: Audio unsupported sample frequency error
  • Fixed: IRStrobe (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: 3D editor - creating of logic center failed (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: Unit in vehicle could not open gear in map.
  • Fixed: client freezes when accessing ammobox (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: No volume drop on distance with weapon click, car horn and etc. (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: Dead player bodies disappeared after respawn.
  • New: Repair vehicle and deactivate satchel charge action for engineer.
  • Fixed: EEIncomingMissile event parameter
  • New: Added scripting function disableTIEquipment.
  • New: Artillery computer; Fire at position AI command; enableEngineArtillery script command
  • Fixed: Surface sound in infinite terrain (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: AI vision was not affected by light sources.
  • Fixed: Birds were heard inside of a closed vehicle.
  • Fixed: Scripting command isFlatEmpty did not work with non-zero third coordinate. (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: TI was red instead of B/W with some settings and graphics cards.
  • Fixed: Night vision simulation was not simulating color sensitivity and blue shift in dark scenes.
  • Fixed: Disabled debugging message "Added texture headers from file"
  • Fixed: Av8 unable to takeoff from Chernarus NE airstrip (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: Fog and sky colors did not match when dark.
  • Fixed: Moon rotates when moving camera (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: Stars no longer visible through terrain with low view distance (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: Improved game stability with a small page file.
  • Fixed: Gun recoil in ironsights view was missing kick-back (-dead link-)
  • Fixed: possible crash after mouse click to Prev/Next button in DisplayConfigureAction


  • Fixed: In E06 player should survive fall on ground without opening parachute.
  • Fixed: Module Alice2 MP issues.


  • Fixed: Improved AI path planning and path tracking with tanks.
  • Fixed: Assembling/disassembling issue with M2 minitripod and M2 machinegun.
  • Fixed: Sound of silenced Mk17 CCO.
  • Fixed: Mi8 and Mi17 model animations bug in ARMA2:Combined operations only.
  • Fixed: Fire-geometry in all Mi8 and Mi17, crew was not vulnerable in some cases.
  • Fixed: Get-in points for MH-6J.
  • Improved: Special units in US, CZ and Germany factions can hide bodies.
  • Changed: Slot size of MAAWS magazines.
  • Improved: AI was not able to destroy static weapons in some cases.
  • Fixed: Animations of US Static TOW launcher.
  • Fixed: Words Sabot and M-gun in radio protocols.
  • Fixed: Damage zone indicator ATRQ and MROT were exchanged in helicopter.
  • Fixed: Rockets count in Mi-171Sh.
  • Changed: Destruct type for market tents.
  • Fixed: HEAT ammunition for T-55 and Stryker MGS.
  • Fixed: Glass penetrability of Mi-171Sh.

Version 1.52 Changelog


  • Fixed: C130 was crashing on takeoff.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer UI - Cannot play after cancel.
  • Improved: Helmet Mounted Display is drawn only for driver.
  • Fixed: AutoSaves in MP.
  • Improved: Show cargo unit name when speking in vehicle.
  • Fixed: Crash with fired event handler.
  • Fixed: Allow soldier to shoot if his target is too close and on higher ground.
  • Improved: VON: speech encoding/decoding - dropout silence is not inserted so often.
  • Improved: Blinking camp fires.
  • Fixed: MP clients crash when they are ordered to turn on their flashlights or lasers.
  • Fixed: Allow zeroing in external camera.


  • "Pathfinder" tuned opfor positions and flow.
  • "Coltan blues" inputting code has been tuned and timer delayed.
  • "Coltan blues" FTL tuning.
  • "From hell" tuned default weapons in MP.
  • "From hell" optimized unit count and positions - improved FPS and playability.
  • "Good morning T-stan" tuned winning conditions and FTL.
  • "Good morning T-stan" convoy skill lowered and composition tweaked to decrease the mission difficulty.
  • "Phoenix Op" optimized and tuned Opfor positions and unit count.
  • "Laser show" fixed crashing chopper.
  • "Press conference" fixed for MP.
  • SP scenarios loading screens changed.
  • SSM several fixes in the simple support module.
  • surrendering fixed in "Pathfinder" and "From hell".
  • Several localization fixes.
  • Deathmatch and teamdeathmatch templates fixed.
  • Several minor fixes of the singleplayer missions.
  • UAV & ULB can now be used with terminal backpack on


  • Fixed: Healing by UH-60M MEV, Stryker MEV and S1203 ambulance.
  • Fixed: Speed indicators in UAZs.
  • Fixed: Missing shadow on V3S (Fuel).
  • Fixed: Optics model of static AT-13 Metis.
  • Fixed: L39 wreck geometry.
  • Fixed: S1203 number plate.
  • New: Microphone volume slider.

ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead version History