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The animation name consist of series of prefixes describing the contents of the move.
If the animation is a translation from one pose to another, the name contains both, the source and the destination moves, separated by an underscore.

Not all games contain all prefixed fields.

Animation naming

An animation name can look like this: AmovPercMrunSlowWrflDf
The "APMSWD" prefixes stand for:
  • Action - General action (e.g move, cargo, weapon operation)
  • Pose - Unit stance (e.g erect, prone)
  • Movement - Movement style/speed (e.g stop, walk, run)
  • Stance - Weapon position (e.g raised, lowered)
  • Weapon - Weapon in use (e.g rifle, pistol)
  • Direction - Where the character moves (e.g front, left)
Therefore, AmovPercMrunSlowWrflDf stands for:
  • Action movement
  • Posture erect
  • Movement run
  • Stance (of weapon) low
  • Weapon rifle
  • Direction forward.



A prefix
Short name Full name Description
mov move stand, walk, run, with or without weapon. Firing itself not included here.
idl idle when character stands for a while on a place with no action – looking around
crg cargo cargo animations in a vehicle including mount/dismount - deprecated as it is stored at each car's folder for now
inj injury injury of a character - the injured one from a pair
cin carry injured injury of a character - the healthy holding injured
dth death death of a character
inv inventory inventory actions, baggage
cts cutscenes special for cutscenes
swm swim swimming
sig signals signaling - hand signals, saluting, military parade poses
wop operate a weapon moves dedicated to firing + reloading various weapons, eg. moves for launcher etc. - includes binuculars
adj adjust adjustment animations - slighlty lower/hier, left/right shoulder, etc (Arma 3)
bdv bottom dive swimming under water with diving equipment (Arma 3)
bsw bottom swim swimming under water (Arma 3)
dve dive (Arma 3)
fds firing drills (Arma 3)
ovr over obstacle movements over obstacles like fences or low walls (Arma 3)
pan panic walking/running in panic, eg. run with hands over head (Arma 3)
sdv surface dive swimming at surface level with diving equipment (Arma 3)
ssw surface swim swimming at surface level (Arma 3)
fal falling (Arma 3)
par parachute (Arma 3)


P prefix
Short name Full name Description
erc erect erect, standing.
knl kneel crouched down, when stopped, so kneeling.
pne prone prone on a ground
sit sit sitting – e.g for cutscenes etc. Can't fire from heavy weapons (rifle+), must lay first.
fal fall free falling from a obstacle, wall.. body pose with hands probably above a head.
crh crouched crouched unit (Arma 3)
inc incapacitated incapacitated animation from Revive (Arma 3)


M prefix
Short name Full name Description
stp stop man not moving, standing in place.
wlk walk common relaxed move, a walk. N/A in prone!
run run run, still possible to shoot with aimed weapon. Note - prone is either stop, run or sprint.
spr sprint very intense sprint, impossible to shoot
eva evasive evasive moves - e.g from lowered walk suddenly jump away and raise the gun - reaction under unexpected fire.
tac tactical tactical pace - e.g looking down the sights while moving (Arma 3)
lmp limping limping animation - when legs are hurt (Arma 3)


S prefix
Animation prefix Short name Full name Description
Amov ras raised aimed weapon ready for fire in horizontal position
low lowered weapon in ready state, not aimed
opt optics looking through optics / sight or binoculars
sur surrender character surrenders
non no weapon SnonWnon for empty hands
Awop gth grenade throw grenade throw, over the shoulder


W prefix
Animation prefix Short name Full name Description
Acts una unarmed nothing in hands
mag machinegun heavy gun impossible to put to aimed stance, firing from lower position
Amov pst pistol one hand weapon, probably empty hands will suffice.
rfl rifle two hand rifle
lnr launcher laucher
non no weapon SnonWnon for empty hands
Awop bin binocular binocular moves


D prefix
Short name Full name Description
non none direction not specified
f forward N/A
fl forward-left
fr forward-right
l left
r right
b back
bl back-left
br back-right
up up ladder, climbing, parachute
dn down ladder, climbing, parachute
mul multiple for FBX only, not for RTM – more takes in one file