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Leagues and tournaments will be an essential part of the competitive multiplayer arena of Armed Assault. Some tournaments have material or value prizes in addition to recognition and graphic trophies.

Armed Assault league and tournament sites

88th Infantry Tournament - International Arma Series CTF League sponsored by the 88th Co."Walking Death" eSports Club.
ArmA Operation Reality Tournament - International, large scale campaigns and training for mature realism and military enthusiasts. Co-op and PVP
Arma Pvp League - International League, consisting of CTF, Seige and Survival Missions. New look site with many NEW features never seen before.
ArmA Theatre of War ( Biki Page) - International, large scale organised battles.
Armed Assault Bundesliga - German site
Armed Global Warfare - AAS game mode, 50v50, 12-week campaign.
Charlie Foxtrot: ArmA2 (Biki Page) - Unique Game Mode, Team vs. Team, complete chain of command, missions specific and strategic goals and plans
OFCRA - French League - Realistic large scale organised battles and campaign with NO RESPAWN (European Players are welcome in our foreign legion)
ESL: Arma 2 - Europe - International Capture and Hold league