Arma 2: ULB Module

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  1. Switch to ULB using 'ULB' item in action menu
  2. Click LMB to 'fire' the laser. Player where you aim is target.
  3. When conditions are good (HUD in top left corner - AMMO > 0, ACC > 0), press 'Ctrl + LMB' or action from menu to fire a missile from player's vehicle

Default Controls

  • 'ULB' option in action menu - switch to ULB view
  • Enter [Num] - exit the ULB view
  • Ctrl + LMB - fire weapon from original helicopter
  • Q - Up
  • Y - Down
  • X - Turn left
  • C - Turn right
  • B - Mark position
  • LMB in map - place new waypoint
  • Ctrl + LMB in map - add new waypoint to currently existing ones


Editor setup


  1. ULB manager - module manager, can be found in Modules (F7) -> ULB.
  2. ULB - unit with parent isULB = 1. More ULBs can be assigned to one manager, the latest have the greatest priority.
  3. Units with access - any units without isUAV = 1; config param. They'll have 'ULB' action in menu.

Optional parameters

Set variables to ULB manager with desired values:

  • name = <string>; - name of ULB (displayed in action menu)
Example: BIS_heli_uav_0 setvariable ["name","AH-6X"];
Default value: empty string
  • unitList = <array>; - List of units with access to ULB. Same as synchronization to non-ULB units.
Example: BIS_heli_uav_0 setvariable ["unitList",[hco_west_1,hco_west_2]];
Default value: units synchronized in editor
  • UAVList = <array>; - List of ULBs. Same as synchronization to ULB units.
Example: BIS_heli_uav_0 setvariable ["UAVList",[ULB_1,ULB_2]];
Default value: ULBs synchronized in editor