Arma 3: Briefing

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The create task module has many options to customize tasks


Although a briefing is fully optional, it is the first thing a player sees when playing your mission and there is no second chance for a first impression. There is no *default* briefing in Arma 3, but usually a briefing consists of:

  • Mission
    • What is the mission about, tasks and goals.
  • Situation
    • Some background story, why does the mission happen, what's the big picture?
  • Execution
    • Steps the player is supposed to do chronologically sorted.
  • Signal
    • Call signs of the HQ and groups.
Make sure that your briefing and task texts are free from spelling errors. If in doubt, let someone else proofread them!

How to create a briefing and tasks

In Arma 3 briefings can be created either by using editor modules like Create Diary Module or scripting commands like:

Additionally, to create tasks, one can either use the Create Task Module or commands and functions like:

To find more information about how to create tasks see Arma 3: Task Framework - Task Overhaul and Arma 3: Task Framework.

Formatting tags for tasks and briefings

There are many formatting tags that can be incorporated in the strings for tasks and notes:

  • To add a link to a marker: <marker name='obj1'>Link to Marker</marker>
  • To show an image: <img image='somePic.jpg'/>
    • Manipulate the image width and height like so: <img image='somePic.jpg' width='200' height='200'/>
  • Coloured text: <font color='#A52A2A'>Some text</font color>
  • Line break can be added with: <br/>


  • <img image='\A3\weapons_F\Rifles\Khaybar\Data\UI\gear_Khaybar_GL_X_CA.paa' width='300' height='200'/>
    A3 Briefing Formatting Example.jpg
  • <br/>
  • <font color='#A52A2A'>Some text</font color>
  • <execute expression='systemChat str [0,0,0];'>Some expression</execute>

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