Arma 3: Porting Guidelines Overview

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Infantry weapons

  • Weapon attachments (add proxies, make WeaponSlotsInfo config definition, Inventory Icons)
  • Adjustable sights (add selections)
  • Reload animations (model.cfg definition, CfgGesturesMale anim definition)
  • 3d optics
  • Muzzle FX (model.cfg + config definition?)
  • Smoke FX
  • Stereo sounds (soundBegin, soundClosure configs definition?)
  • AllowAgainstInfantry (config)
  • AllowedSlots (config)
  • Fatigue system (Mass in config)
  • TextureType (config)

Infantry units

  • Clothing (remove from infantry model, make separate models/objects, assign uniform, vest and headgear in configs)
  • New head/faces and sunglasses (replace head model)
  • Injury selections (rename selections)
  • Damage system (adjust HitPoints armor in configs)
  • Engineer (detectSkill and backpack in configs)
  • AA/AT (backpack in configs)
  • Items and NVG (linkedItems in configs)
  • Medic (items and backpack in configs)
  • Command bar (picture in configs)

Vehicles in general


  • Custom Engine, Gearbox and Suspension:
  • Driver and gunner IK (AnimatedDriverHands and AnimatedGunnerHands in configs, something? in the model)
  • Mirrors
  • Engine sounds


  • Custom Engine, Gearbox and Suspension
  • Damage system
  • Engine sounds


  • helicopterX simulation or helicopterRTD for advanced flight model and sling loading
  • Pilot and gunner IK (AnimatedDriverHands and AnimatedGunnerHands in configs, something? in the model)
  • Damage system (add HitFuel in HitPoints and new HitXXX classes in AnimationSources in configs, selections to be defined in the model?)


  • airplaneX simulation
  • WingVortices effects (definition in configs)

Boats and Ships

  • ShipX
  • SubmarineX
  • PhysX Geometry Lod
  • Buoyancy Lod!-New-wiki-entry

Static weapons


  • Volumetric clouds
  • Improved lighting
  • Ponds
  • Fog