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Sound Controllers

Sound controllers deliver data from the engine in real time which makes them perfect to control volumes and frequencies of sounds. If you want to monitor sound controllers, you can use these functions:

Also look at this forum post for a video showcase and a great and simple to use example mission.

Sound Controller Description / Notes type/range of value Usable in EnvSounds CfgWeapons CfgAmmo CfgVehicles (Land) CfgVehicles (Helicopter) CfgVehicles (Plane) CfgVehicles (Ship)
interior Surface texture name below character character starts with int_, character is inside building (time based transition, 0.8s) <0;1> Yes Yes
houses local density of object type “building”, derived from map <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
meadow derived from map - probably outdated: getAllEnvSoundControllers returns meadows (A3 1.80) <0;1> Yes
meadows derived from map <0;1> Yes Yes
forest local density of trees, derived from map <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
trees local density of trees (different settings), derived from map <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
sea derived from map <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
windy ambient map wind intensity (soundSetEnvironment). See getAllEnvSoundControllers <0;1> Yes No No No No No No
wind wind intensity. See getAllEnv3DSoundControllers <0;1> No No Yes Yes Yes
rain rain intensity. This controller is zeroed for all types when snow = true in RainParticles config <0;1> Yes No Yes Yes Yes
fog fog intensity <0;1> ? ? ? ? ?
daytime relative daytime (0 = midnight, 0.5 = noon) <0;1> Yes
night night time with transitions at ~17:30-18:00 and 07:00 – 07:15 <0;1> Yes No
rainDrops Rain drop sound occlusion. How much the rain drops can be heard, 1 no occlusion 0 full occlusion. If 'snow' is set to true, rainDrops is 0 (3D Env controllers) <0;1> Yes
altitudeGround gound altitude m Yes No
altitudeSea sea level altitude m Yes
coast precise sea shore detection, calculation includes high above sea level (~50m) <0;1> Yes No Yes
waterDepth sea depth - not available as EnvSoundController (A3 1.80) m Yes No Yes
distance distance to player? m ?
shooting firefight detection, 1 = no firefight, value is divided by 2 with every shot <0;1> Yes
deadBody presense of dead body (~10m) <0;1> Yes No
rpm actual rpm of the vehicle engine rpm Yes Yes Yes
randomizer generates random number between 0 and 1 (once per live of instance) <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
speed actual speed of the vehicle m/s Yes Yes Yes
thrust thrust of the vehicle engine (acceleration) <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
camPos position of camera (0 = internal, 1 = external) <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
playerPos position of player within the vehicle (0 = front, 1 = Passenger) <0;1> Yes Yes Yes
engineOn state of vehicle engine 0/1 Yes Yes Yes
angVelocity speed of rotation (in all axes) Yes Yes Yes
gmeterZ accelleration meter Yes Yes Yes
roughness roughness of surface (0 = "glass") Yes
dustness roughness of surface (0 = no dust) Yes
damper0 dampers Yes
rock surface type Yes
sand surface type Yes
grass surface type Yes
mud surface type Yes
gravel surface type Yes
asphalt surface type Yes
water surface type Yes Yes Yes
latSlip Yes
latSlipDrive Yes
longSlip Yes
longSlipDrive Yes
lateralMovement Yes Yes Yes
machCone only for Jets, makes sure sound is within machCone, if not -> sound will be silent <0;1> Yes
gear Yes
flaps Yes (buggy)
envelope Yes
rotorThrust Yes
rotorSpeed Yes
rotorDamage Yes
motorDamage Yes
transmissionDamage Yes
slingLoadActive Yes
scrubLand object is scrubbing terrain Yes Yes (VTOL,UAV) Yes
scrubObject object is scrubbing another object (vehicle ↔ vehicle) Yes
scrubTree object is scrubbing object type: tree Yes Yes (VTOL)
scrubBuilding object is scrubbing object type: building Yes Yes (VTOL,UAV)
scrubArmor object is scrubbing armored vehicle (tank) Yes
yearTime Time of the year in 0..1 range      (Since Arma 3 v2.07.148385) [0,1[ Yes
ambientTemp Ambient air temperature, see ambientTemperature      (Since Arma 3 v2.07.148385) min..max world temperature in Celsius Yes
snow 1 if "RainParticle" config 'snow' = true, 0 if false. When snow is 1, 'rainDrops' is 0      (Since Arma 3 v2.07.148385) 1 or 0 Yes