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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.82

Arma 3 Tanks is a paid DLC that was released on 11th April 2018

Premium Content

  • T-140 Angara – board these CSAT Main Battle Tanks (MBT) built to deliver maximum destruction and crew protection (includes a Commander variant and multiple liveries).
  • AWC Nyx – flexibly deploy any of these smaller and nimbler armored vehicles as Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Recon, and Autocannon variants.
  • Rhino MGS – command this Tank Destroyer with a 120 mm cannon, which can fire all kinds of standard rounds, but also the new MARUK ATGM (includes the UP variant).
  • "Altis Requiem" – assume the role of an AAF tank commander in command of the new AWC Nyx as well as the new T-140 Angara MBT in this fun mini-campaign.
  • Showcase Tank Destroyers – play as a NATO crewman on board of the new Rhino MGS UP and utilize its speed and maneuverability to accomplish your mission.

Free Platform Update

  • Interiors – every armored vehicle in Arma 3 now features a fully 3D-modeled interior with Multi-Functional Displays and camera feeds for crew members.
  • Improved Handling – armored vehicles now feel more natural to drive thanks to improvements to the wheel collision simulation, the way different ground surfaces affect handling, and other changes.
  • Extended Damage Model – armor now reacts more realistically to incoming rounds. For example, cage armor (also known as slat armor) is not just a visual object, but really does offer protection against RPGs.
  • Upgraded Audio – the audio experience of armored vehicles is made more lifelike via the addition of more stereo sound samples, positional sounds, and more distinct audio cues for gearbox and RPM changes.
  • Vehicle Customization – armored vehicles can be customized in the Virtual Garage with additional armor protection and camouflage nets for better concealment in different terrains.
  • New Missile Flight Profiles & Capabilities – a selection of missiles now feature direct or top-down attack flight modes, plus support for terrain-following munitions has been added. A few weapons now also have the ability to lock-on after launch.

Supporting Content

  • Time Trials – put the new Angara, Nyx, and Rhino to the test in three speedy time trial races across Altis and Malden.
  • "Vanguard" – join this Team-vs-Team multiplayer mode focusing on the tactical aspects of Arma 3 combined arms gameplay.
  • 9M135 Vorona – field these manually guided missile launchers using powerful optics, featuring a high 6 or 12x magnification, Thermal Imaging, and a laser rangefinder.
  • MAAWS Mk4 – fire the new unguided recoilless rifle, which is available in the older Mod 0 version used by AAF and FIA, and the newer Mod 1 version that is employed by NATO.
  • Anti-Tank Vehicle Variants – use variants of the existing Offroad and Prowler / Qilin LSVs that come equipped with mounted launchers.
  • Tanker Helmet – don a unique CSAT protective crew helmet while operating armored vehicles.
  • Decorative Objects – place several new decorative objects made available to Arma 3 content creators, such as tank barricades, spare parts, tools, and a fully functional repair depot.
  • Steam Achievements - unlock a set of extra Steam Achievements related to the new content.
  • Official Soundtrack - listen to new music tracks composed specifically for this DLC.

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