Arma Reforger:Capture & Hold Setup

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Setting up a new Capture & Hold scenario based on Eden is easy, thanks to the Prefab system and already existing base world available as part of the Capture & Hold mod.


Not much is needed besides the access to the following:

  • Arma Reforger's Workbench
  • Capture & Hold Mod subscription

Let's start with creating a mod with Capture & Hold as its dependency. For this please refer to the modding guide.

Prepare your mod, open it in the Workbench and follow the guide below.

Creation Steps

Initial Setup

Start by opening the mod in Workbench and launch the World Editor from either the Quick Launch screen or Editors context menu.

Scenario Setup

For automatic deletion of dead bodies and destroyed vehicles, the CaptureAndHold/Prefabs/MP/Managers/Garbage/ or similar can be added into the world.

Now save the scenario and proceed.

System Test

Once done, save your changes once more and close the World Editor.

It is highly recommended to use BohemiaInteractive-prepared scenarios for inspiration and usage examples of individual features and components available in Arma Reforger and the Capture & Hold mod.

Scenario Header

To launch the scenario in-game a Scenario header (named MissionHeader) config must be created.

Exit the World Editor and return to the Resource Browser.

In the Resource Browser find your mod root directory and create a "Missions" directory inside.

Open the newly created Mission Header config.

In the World field, navigate to and select the world file. In our example it is the MyScenario.ent in the mod's root directory.

In-Game Test

Launching Arma Reforger with this newly created mod enabled should allow you to see the and launch the scenario directly:

Ship It

Now that the scenario can be launched from the game, only a few things remain. Testing the scenario in multiplayer is important, making sure that there are enough spawn points and other gameplay details.

Last, but not least is to publish the mod in the Bohemia Interactive Workshop for other people to see and play!