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Localisation String Naming

The string naming conventions in Arma Reforger regarding Editor Entities goes as follows:

Part Followed by Mandatory Description
AR- - Checked Code for the name of the project (AR = Arma Reforger, A4 = Arma 4, etc), separated from the next variable by a hyphen -.
EditableEntity_ _ Unchecked Always use EditableEntity for an in-game asset that is not a character, vehicle, weapon, or item of equipment. This variable should be followed by an underscore.
Beehive_ _ Checked Noun, pertaining to the entity. If the noun is two words, such as "Beer Bottle", it must be arranged in PascalCase (e.g "BeerBottle") and not be connected with underscores (e.g "Beer_Bottle").
01_ _ Checked Number with a leading zero, allowing for the possibility of future variants.
Small_ _ Unchecked Defines the asset's size.
Blue_ _ Unchecked Defines the colour.
Name N/A Checked Finally, all names for Editor Entities end with the label 'Name', indicating their function in-game.

Localisation Content Naming

The string naming conventions in Arma Reforger regarding Editor Entities goes as follows:

Small Cyan Table - Broken

All names should be in Title case. Also, ensure links to images are included in the String Editor so nomenclature can be checked by a native speaker. This is essential, as many assets are misnamed on our initial pass.

Part Mandatory Description
Small Unchecked Size. The first component in the name relates to the asset's size, which may be either:
  • Miniature
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Massive
"Miniature" should only be used when the asset is far smaller than it should be; as in a replica or model (e.g "Miniature Belfry").
Similarly, "Massive" should only be used for assets that are extraordinarily larger than normal.
Cyan Unchecked Colour This component relates to the asset's colour. It can be one of:
Colour Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Magenta Purple White Black Gray Silver Pink Maroon Brown Beige Tan Peach Lime Olive Turquoise Teal Navy blue Indigo Violet

If the asset contains a myriad of colours, the prefix 'multi-colored' can be used. Try to avoid colours that are also materials, as this can be confusing (e.g., 'Ivory Crate' or 'Gold Container').
When a colour combination is involved, it is acceptable to use the conjunction 'and' (e.g., Blue and Red). Precedence in such pairings should be alphabetical (e.g., Beige and Black, Tan and Teal, etc.).

Table Checked Base Descriptor. This part is the most essential and complex. It must consist of at least a noun, but will often be preceded by an adjective. It may also be split by a preposition or conjunction, although prepositions should be avoided if grammatically possible. Note; any adjective relating to the state of the asset (e.g., 'Old', 'New', 'Rusted', 'Broken', 'Open', 'Closed') should be separated as a hyphenated adjective (see below).
Correct Incorrect
  • Standing Lamp
  • Brick Stack
  • Mop and Bucket
  • Flowers in Pot
  • Wicker Basket with Firewood
  • Stack of Bricks (> Brick Stack)
  • Pile of Scrap (> Scrap Pile)
  • Mop in Bucket (> Mop and Bucket)
  • Old Water Cistern (> Water Cistern - Old)
  • Old Opened Barrel (> Barrel - Old, Open)
Broken Unchecked Adjectives. Finally, certain adjectives may be tacked to the end of the name via a hyphen.

This can be particularly useful for specification, where the noun of the base descriptor is not sufficient (e.g., 'Statue' > 'Statue - Soldier', 'Sign' > 'Sign - Slow Speed'). Common hyphenated adjectives can be taken from the list below. Assets where a pair of adjectives are needed should be divided by a comma and a space (e.g., - Old, Open), and should be ordered alphabetically except with non-permanent states, which should always be last (e.g., 'Open', 'Closed', 'Locked', 'Unlocked', 'On', 'Off', etc.).

Correct (permanent states) Incorrect (temporary states)
  • Old
  • New
  • Rusted
  • Broken
  • Dismantled
  • Camouflaged
  • On
  • Off
  • Empty
  • Full
  • Open
  • Closed

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