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Horizontal Bar

Preview background

  • checker board pattern
  • white color
  • grey color
  • black color

Show alpha mask

Highlights alpha mask's area in transparent red.

Pick color to clipboard

Copies the clicked pixel's colour to the clipboard in HTML format (e.g #025D00).

Lock texture settings

Locks all the Horizontal Bar's settings, preventing any further modification.

Color scheme

  • Default
  • sRGB
  • Linear


Adjust brightness through the slider.

Toggle/Isolate channel

Option for RGB channels together or separate RGBA channels.

Filtering mode

Point filter



Mipmaps are automatically chosen and blended.

mip level

In range 1..12.

Auto scale to fit

TODO: this must be updated.


TODO: this must be updated.

Details Tab

Texture properties

  • File size: the file's size (0 for game data)
  • Surface size: the file's uncompressed size
  • Image format: as the name says
  • Image data format
  • Mipmaps: number of mipmaps levels
  • Width: image's width in pixels
  • Height: image's height in pixels
  • Depth: levels of depth
  • Contains alpha channel: as the name says
  • Is black and white: as the name says
  • Last pixel: X and Y coordinates of the currently-hovered pixel
  • Last pixel <0, 1>: same, but in image's 0..1 range (0.5 = middle)
  • Last pixel color (float):


  • Pixel count: as the name says (width × height)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Alpha

Color graph

This color statistics graph can be manipulated with left and right click, to respectively zoom on a selected range and slide the graph values. Mouse wheel can also be used.


This button resets the color graph to 0..256 range.

Import Settings Tab

  • Edit also selected files: also apply changes to the files selected in Resource Browser
  • Apply changes to all platforms: as the name says
  • Name
  • Tags
  • License



Whether the resource will be imported and available in data.

Source File

Can be used to override source file to any compatible file (model) in folder.


Target Format

Can be one of:

  • EnfusionDDS
  • DirectXDDS

Format Compress

Can be one of:

  • Copy
  • Fastest
  • Medium
  • Best

Compress Treshold

LZ4 Compression threshold in percent in range 0..100. If the compression ratio is bigger then the uncompressed version is used.

Remove Mips

Remove the specified number of large mipmaps.

This functionality may be affected by the Max Size parameter (below) which can also remove some mipmaps to achieve a specified size.

Max Size

Set the texture size limit (dimensions, not file weight) in powers of 2 (4, 8, 16 etc up to 16384). The texture will be downsised when its width or height is larger than this value.

This functionality may be affected by the Remove Mips parameter above which can affect texture size too.


Set conversion from RGBA into specific format of channels. Can be one of:

  • None
  • DXTCompression
  • Alpha8
  • Red
  • RedHQCompression
  • RedGreen
  • RedGreenHQCompression
  • ColorHQCompression
  • HDRCompression

Conversion Quality

Set conversion quality for compressed formats in range 0..1. Higher value means better quality ratio but slower compression.

Original Pixel Bit Depth

Set whether or not the original pixel bit depth should try to be kept between conversion; otherwise the texture will be converted to 8 bit format.

Color Space

Can be one of:

  • ToLinear
  • ToSRGB

Contains Mips

Generate Mips

Mip Map Function

Set mipmap downsize function. Can be one of:

  • Filter
  • Normalize
  • ColorNoise
  • FoliageAlpha1
  • FoliageAlpha2
  • FoliageAlpha3
  • FoliageAlpha4
  • FoliageAlpha5

Mip Map Filter

Set mipmap generation filter. Can be one of:

  • Box
  • Triangle
  • Kaiser

Mip Alpha Fade Start

Set the alpha-to-black fading's mipmap start threshold in range 0..1.

For example with an image with 8 mimaps, 0.5 means the 4th mipmap.

Mip Alpha Fade End

Set the alpha-to-black fading's mipmap end threshold in range 0..1.

For example with an image with 8 mimaps, 1 means the 8th mipmap.

Mip Alpha Fade Value

Set the alpha fading's mipmap value in range 0..1.

For example, 0 means that the alpha will be faded to black.

Tiled Texture

Set if the texture is tiled - affects mimaps generation.

Generate Cubemap

Set the conversion from a panoramic/spherical texture to a cubemap texture.

Source texture must be an equirectangular panorama.

Volume Texture

Converts 2D-layered texture to 3D texture.