Car Creation – Arma Reforger

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Goals of this tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn about:

  • Importing your first FBX file
  • Adding sockets & skeleton
  • How to configure new car
If you don't have any experience with Workbench yet, it is recommended to go through modded car tutorial to familiarize with some of the concepts present in the Workbench and general car configuration.
Sources files for this tutorial can be found on Arma Reforger Samples Github repository

Adding new car


Preparation phase consist of things like:

  • Preparing basic structure
  • Preparing mesh
  • Exporting mesh

Preparing structure

While keeping to official structure is not mandatory and there are no engine restrictions asset wise about it, it's recommended to follow guidelines listed here - Data (file) structure - to ensure that all automation plugins are parsing your assets correctly and make it later easy to navigate.

Below is recommended structure of addon which contains a new car asset


Creation Steps