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This article is a work in progress! Reason: More than Work-in-Progress, it must be redone.

Forest generators are generators creating entities in a defined area. Said area can be defined by either a polyline or a spline. Even if they are defined as non-closed, they will be considered as such by the forest generator.

Forest generators can be found in the Resource Browser in ArmaReforger > Prefabs > WEGenerators and are prefixed with FG_ for Forest Generator.

  • a "Forest Generator" can generate something else than trees, e.g rocks
  • there can be multiple Forest Generators per defined area.

Common Options

Those are self-explanatory:

  • Avoid Objects
  • Avoid Roads
  • Avoid Rivers
  • Avoid Power Lines


TODO: this must be updated.


Allow to define various generators with the following properties:

  • type(s) of generated objects
    • min and max scale
    • model
    • number of models count
    • min and max models placement radius
  • their density (in cluster / hectare or CDENSHA)
  • (re)generate on any modification