World Editor: Navmesh Tool

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Main Interface


Choose a navmesh to display in the viewport


Select which data to display in the viewport, from:

  • Result
  • Heightfield
  • Heightfield Filtered
  • Compact heightfield
  • Heightfield regions
  • Raw contours
  • Contours
  • Region connections
  • Polygons
  • Detailed Mesh

Vertical Offset

Add a vertical offset to the displayed navmesh; this setting does not impact the actual navmesh, only its on-screen representation

Rebuild tile


Rebuild/Regenerate changed tiles



Connect to a navmesh server


Disconnect from the navmesh server


Start navmesh generation

Stop Generation

Stop the navmesh generation before completion

Autosave when done

Save the generated navmesh on generation completion


Save the generated navmesh over the original file

Save As

Save the generated navmesh in a different file

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