World Editor: Powerline Generator Tutorial – Arma Reforger

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TODO: Add more cases.

Junction Creation

A main polyline will become joined by a secondary one; here is how to proceed.

Main Polyline

The main polyline must have at least 3 points (start, end, and middle one(s)) so a middle point can be used as an anchor for the secondary polyline.

  • Define a Junction Pole in the main polyline (see above) Click on the main polyline's point to become anchor
  • At the bottom of the Vector Tool tab, click "set class" on Junction Data (do not set any additional information in there)

Secondary Polyline

  • Draw the other polyline that will be connected to the main one
  • Define the power line poles (especially the end pole definition is needed to connect to the main polyline)
  • Tick "snap to anchors" in the Vector Tool tab and set the "Anchor snap distance" to at least 1
  • Drag and snap the extremity of the secondary polyline to the main polyline's defined anchor

Et voilà! The secondary polyline is connected to the main one, using the main one's Junction Pole definition.