Bundeswehr Mod: Units

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Infantry and Vehicles of the Bundeswehr Mod for Arma 2


Classname Full Name Screens
BWMod_RiflemanG Rifleman Arma2 bwmod soldier.jpg
BWMod_RiflemanG_Desert Rifleman [Desert]
BWMod_RiflemanG_ISAF Rifleman [ISAF]
BWMod_SquadLeaderG Squadleader Arma2 bwmod tl.jpg
BWMod_SquadLeaderG_Desert SquadLeader [Desert]
BWMod_SquadLeaderG_ISAF SquadLeader [ISAF]
BWMod_MedicG Combat Medic Arma2 bwmod medic.jpg
BWMod_MedicG_Desert Medic [Desert]
BWMod_MedicG_ISAF Medic [ISAF]
BWMod_MGunnerG_MG3 Machine Gunner (MG3) Arma2 bwmod mg3.jpg
BWMod_MGunnerG_Desert Machine Gunner (MG3) [Desert]
BWMod_MGunnerG_ISAF Machine Gunner (MG3) [ISAF]
BWMod_MGunnerG_MG4 Machine Gunner (MG4) Arma2 bwmod mg4.jpg
BWMod_MGunnerG_Desert Machine Gunner (MG4) [Desert]
BWMod_MGunnerG_ISAF Machine Gunner (MG4) [ISAF]
BWMod_ATSoldierG AT-Soldier (PzF 3) Arma2 bwmod pzf3.jpg
BWMod_ATSoldierG_Desert AT-Soldier (PzF 3) [Desert]
BWMod_ATSoldierG_ISAF AT-Soldier (PzF 3) [ISAF]
BWMod_AASoldierG AA-Soldier Arma2 bwmod aa.jpg
BWMod_AASoldierG_Desert AA-Soldier [Desert]
BWMod_AASoldierG_ISAF AA-Soldier [ISAF]
BWMod_EngineerG Combat Engineer Arma2 bwmod soldier.jpg
BWMod_EngineerG_Desert Combat Engineer [Desert]
BWMod_EngineerG_ISAF Combat Engineer [ISAF]
BWMod_SniperG_G82 Sniper (G82) Arma2 bwmod sniper.jpg
BWMod_HeloPilotG Crew (Helo) Arma2 USMC pilot.jpg
BWMod_CrewG Crew Arma2 bwmod crew.jpg
BWMod_RiflemanG_Desert Crew [Desert]
BWMod_RiflemanG_ISAF Crew [ISAF]
BWMod_CrewG_Beret Crew (beret) Arma2 bwmod crew beret.jpg
BWMod_RiflemanG_Desert Crew (beret) [Desert]
BWMod_RiflemanG_ISAF Crew (beret) [ISAF]



Classname Full Name Image Armor Max. Seats Cargo Seats Gunners
BWMod_UH1D UH-1D Arma2 bwmod uh1d.jpg 40 9 8 0
BWMod_UH1D_SAR UH-1D (SAR) Arma2 bwmod uhsar.jpg 40 5 4 0


Classname Full Name Image Armor Max. Seats Cargo Seats Gunners Commander
BWMod_Leopard_2A6 Leopard 2A6 Arma2 bwmod leopard2a6.jpg 1200 3 0 1 Y
BWMod_Leopard_2A6_Desert Leopard 2A6 [Desert]
BWMod_Marder_1A5 Marder 1A5 Arma2 bwmod marder.jpg 550 9 6 1 Y
BWMod_Marder_1A5_Desert Marder 1A5 [Desert]
BWMod_Marder_1A5_ISAF Marder 1A5 [ISAF]
BWMod_Wiesel2_Ozelot Wiesel 2 Ozelot Arma2 bwmod wiesel2 ozelot.jpg 125 2 0 1 N
BWMod_Wiesel2_Ozelot_Desert Wiesel 2 Ozelot [Desert]
BWMod_Wiesel2_Ozelot_ISAF Wiesel 2 Ozelot [ISAF]


Classname Full Name Image Armor Max. Seats Cargo Seats Gunners
BWMod_LKW5t LKW 5t mil gl Arma2 bwmod man ammo.jpg 20 13 15 1
BWMod_LKW5t_Ammo LKW 5t mil gl (Ammo) Arma2 bwmod man ammo.jpg 20 1 0 1
BWMod_LKW5t_Fuel LKW 5t mil gl (Fuel) Arma2 bwmod man fuel.jpg 20 1 0 1
BWMod_LKW5t_Repair LKW 5t mil gl (Repair) Arma2 bwmod man repair.jpg 20 1 0 1
BWMod_Fuchs TPz Fuchs 1A6 Arma2 bwmod fuchs.jpg 75 10 8 1
BWMod_Fuchs_Desert TPz Fuchs 1A6 [Desert]
BWMod_Fuchs_ISAF TPz Fuchs 1A6 [ISAF]
BWMod_Fuchs_ArmoredTurret TPz Fuchs 1A6 (Armored Turret) Arma2 bwmod fuchs a6.jpg 75 10 8 1
BWMod_Fuchs_ArmoredTurret_Desert TPz Fuchs 1A6 (Armored Turret) [Desert]
BWMod_Fuchs_ArmoredTurret_ISAF TPz Fuchs 1A6 (Armored Turret) [ISAF]
BWMod_Fuchs_BAT TPz Fuchs 1A6 BAT Arma2 bwmod fuchs BAT.jpg 75 2 1 1
BWMod_Fuchs_BAT_Desert TPz Fuchs 1A6 BAT [Desert]
BWMod_Fuchs_BAT_ISAF TPz Fuchs 1A6 BAT [ISAF]


Classname Full Name Image
BWMod_AM24 AM24 Arma2 bwmod ammobox.jpg
BWMod_AM24_Palette AM24 (Palette) Arma2 bwmod ammopalet.jpg
BWMod_AmmoCrate_LightWeapons Ammo crate (light weapons) -
BWMod_AmmoCrate_HeavyWeapons Ammo crate (heavy weapons) -
BWMod_WeaponsCrate_AllWeapons Ammo crate (all weapons) -
BWMod_Flag_Germany Flag (Germany) germany flag.png
BWMod_FederalServiceFlag Flag (Germany - Federal Service Flag) -
BWMod_InfantryTarget Klappziel Arma2 bwmod target.jpg
BWMod_KabineTypI Kabine Typ I Arma2 bwmod shelter.jpg
BWMod_KabineTypI_Hospital Kabine Typ I (Hospital) Arma2 bwmod shelterM.jpg
BWMod_LKW5t_Wreck LKW5t Wreck -
BWMod_LKW5t_Ammo_Wreck LKW5t Ammo Wreck -
BWMod_LKW5t_Fuel_Wreck LKW5t Fuel Wreck -
BWMod_LKW5t_Repair_Wreck LKW5t Repair Wreck -
BWMod_Fuchs_Wreck Fuchs (wreck) -


Classname Full Name Image Armor Max. Seats Cargo Seats Gunners
AMT_wolf G250 Wolf Arma2 bwmod wolf.jpg 45 4 3 1
AMT_wolf_des G250 Wolf Desert
AMT_wolf_isaf G250 Wolf ISAF
AMT_wolf_winter G250 Wolf Winter
AMT_Dingo2A2 Dingo 2A2 GMW Arma2 AMT dingo gw.jpg 75 6 4 1
AMT_Dingo2A2_des Dingo 2A2 GMW Desert
AMT_Dingo2A2_isaf Dingo 2A2 GMW ISAF
AMT_Dingo2A2_winter Dingo 2A2 GMW Winter
AMT_Dingo2a2_MG Dingo 2A2 MG3 Arma2 AMT dingo mg.jpg 75 6 4 1
AMT_Dingo2a2_MG_des Dingo 2A2 MG3 Desert
AMT_Dingo2a2_MG_isaf Dingo 2A2 MG3 ISAF
AMT_Dingo2a2_MG_winter Dingo 2A2 MG3 Winter