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Indian Summer Campaing

There is a story about a father and his little son.
One day they came to a hill near the Iron Curtain.
And the little son asked his father:
"Dad, who is behind that fence?"
His father looked dreamily behind the fence and answered:
"You know... we are behind that fence..."

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Summer 1986 The time has come... for changes in our homeland.

Join the fight for freedom of a few insurgents, which want not to respect anymore the communist regime in their country. Play through their story in various types of infantry missions.

Help them fight for their cause.


  • 15+ playable missions
  • some missions can played from a perspective of different FIA characters depending on player's choice at the mission start
  • experience mission played as FIA, CSLA and US characters
  • three possible campaign endings
  • text-to-speech ENG dubbing with ENG/CZ subtitles

Mission List & Campaign Flow

!!!Spoilers ahead!!!
# Name Side Description Next mission
1 Czechoslovakia N/A Cutscene Breaking point
2 Breaking point FIA The day, when our whole life turned upside down. Crossing the border
3 Crossing the border FIA Your brother has been detained by the state police and is held in the barracks at the border. Get him out! In the West
4 In the West N/A Cutscene Hostages
5 Hostages FIA A couple of our friends fell into the trap of the State Police. We must free them before they disappear in uranium mines. Nove Chalupy
6 Nove Chalupy FIA Today it will be decided. Today is the D day! CSLA units are attacking insurgent positions. Road to Nova Pec
7 Road to Nova Pec CSLA Breakthrough! CSLA troops are pushing the insurgents back to the border and destroying the last points of resistance. Reinforcements
8 Reinforcements FIA CSLA has moved more reinforcements into the battle zone, which can begin to search for the insurgents remaining in the forests. Strike them unexpectedly! Good Morning
9 Good Morning FIA The insurgents are regrouping just in front of the advancing CSLA units. Sparklers
10 Sparklers FIA Enemy helicopters are approaching! Shoot them down! Dark Woods
11 Dark Woods FIA Another important point of insurgents is blockaded. We have no other choice just a retreat into the dense forests. Visitors
12 Visitors FIA The insurgents co-operate with SOCOM special forces. A welcoming committee is sent to the landing site. Knock knock
13 Knock knock US Take the command of the special operation - the raid on the command post of the CSLA units. Convoy
14 Convoy CSLA The convoy with ammunition supplies is moving into the position of the artillery battery. Long day
15 Long day CSLA/FIA Captured by the rebels... will you decide your own destiny? Wasps nest or Operation Fish head
16 Operation Fish head CSLA Subversive elements have been cornered. Their last hour is approaching. Participate in the last CSLA counter-insurgency operation. Alternative ending of campaign for CSLA
17 Wasps nest FIA Imaginary tickets to the west are hidden in important documents at the commanding point of CSLA. The last operation of the insurgents before their final escape to safety. Direction West or Hide and seek
18 Hide and seek FIA CSLA units organize a hunt for the surviving insurgents. Avoid their patrols and move to the West at the agreed location, across the Iron Curtain. Campaign ending for FIA - Antonin Anderle (alone)
19 Direction West FIA They are already waiting for us in the West. Now we must quickly capture an armored vehicle and break through to the Iron Curtain and then to the West. Campaign ending for FIA - Vitek Finke (with his group)


The campaign can be downloaded from steam workshop. Click the picture bellow to get to appropriate store page.

Indian Summer Campaign download page