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Conquer the Island or Capture the Island is a game mode for Operation Flashpoint. The idea is that two teams are placed on the same island with one construction vehicle each, a Mobile Headquarter or MHQ.

Each team has a commander (either AI or human) who can use the construction vehicle to build factories. From these factories the troops can buy weapons, squad members, vehicles and planes using virtual money. The money is earned by capturing and holding towns on the island, killing enemies and recycling destroyed vehicles.

Victory is achieved by either holding all towns on the island or destroying all the enemy factories and their construction vehicle.


It was created by Mike Melvin in early 2003, with version 1.0 of his MFCTI mission released on February 8th, 2003. It quickly gained popularity and CTI is now one of the most popular game modes for Operation Flashpoint.

While Mike Melvin's development of MFCTI has mostly slowed down, others have taken over and several variants now exist.

CTI Missions

There are also several minor modifications of the above codebases.