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Missions are the meat and potatoes of Operation Flashpoint (OFP). Detailed models are all very well, but without a mission in which they can be used, they remain mere decorations. Missions are what drive the interactive experience, and designing a mission can be both frustratingly complicated and overwhelmingly rewarding.


This Category is at present only for information on missions for use with the original Operation Flashpoint series for the PC.

Obtaining and Installing a User Created Mission

Single Player missions for OFP generally come in a .pbo format, and can be put into the OperationFlashpoint\Missions folder.

Similarly, Multiplayer missions go into the OperationFlashpoint\MPMissions folder.

There are many sources from which you can download OFP missions, and some of the more reliable sources are listed below:

Creating your Own Mission

For information on how to create your own missions for OFP, see Mission Design.


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