Carrier Command: Gaea Mission: List of Achievements

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this list is incomplete

Spoiler Warning
The following text contains game spoilers such as story details or mission walkthroughs. Read at your own risk!

Face Off
Defeat the enemy Carrier in naval combat
Successfully commandeer an enemy Carrier
Sink the enemy Carrier
Silent Heroes
Locate survivors from the Dead Zone drop
Lost Friends
Restore contact with Captain Aurora
Manhattan Project
Damsel In Distress
Rescue Captain Aurora from the APA
Unleash the Lord of Death within you, eliminate Fulcrum's facilities</English>
Blueprint Collector
Locate and acquire all available Blueprints

Applies to strategy mode. In campaign there is a similar notification in-game dialogue. Essi: Sir, according to the database we now have the complete set of blueprints. From now on we do not need to search any other Research Centers.

Brute Force
Blast your way through the enemy defenses on Treasure
To Protect, To Destroy
Decommission the Geothermal power plants
Balls Of Steel MK.I
Capture 1 island with a Deadly defense
Balls Of Steel MK.II
Capture 10 islands with a Deadly defense
Balls Of Steel MK.III
Capture 25 islands with a Deadly defense
Shoot down Shin's Manta
Revenge Is Sweet
Execute Dr. Mao Shin
Conqueror Of The Dead Zone
Capture all enemy islands in the Dead Zone
5 Finger Discount
Capture the enemy Stockpile
Lean Mean Green Machine
Locate all Green Laser research files
Island Hopper
Capture over 250 islands
Hammers And Nails
Produce over 1000 items
Mine over 1 million in resources
Hardcore MK.I
Capture 1 island without using load
Hardcore MK.II
Capture 3 islands without using load
Hardcore MK.III
Capture 5 islands without using load
Iron Fist MK.I
Capture 1 island with a Strong defense
Iron Fist MK.II
Iron Fist MK.III
Fly Swatter MK.II
Destroy 100 Mantas from Direct Control
Fly Swatter MK.I
Destroy 1 Manta from Direct Control
Road Kill MK.III
Run over 1 enemy infantry unit
Bug Crusher MK.I
Destroy 1 Walrus from Direct Control
Bunker Buster MK.I
Bunker Buster MK.II
Bunker Buster MK.III